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Six new NI embedded system modules

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article image 32-channel modules extend the channel density.

NATIONAL Instruments has announced six new modules that expand the I/O capabilities of the NI CompactRIO reconfigurable embedded platform for industrial vibration monitoring and control.

With the new modules, engineers now can perform high-fidelity acoustic and vibration measurements, achieve analogue input sampling rates up to 800kS/s, acquire industrial voltage signals up to ±60V and use 32-channel modules to extend the channel density of CompactRIO systems.

CompactRIO is a rugged, embedded control and acquisition platform that uses LabVIEW FPGA reconfigurable I/O (RIO) technology to deliver a high level of user customisation and performance.

The new modules include:

* cRIO-9233: 4-channel, ±5V, 50kS/s per channel, 24-bit IEPE analog input module.

* cRIO-9425: 32-channel, 24V, 7µs, sinking digital input module.

* cRIO-9201: 8-channel, ±10V, 500kS/s, 12-bit analogue input module.

* cRIO-9221: 8-channel, ±60V, 800kS/s, 12-bit analogue input module.

* cRIO-9421 with D-Sub: 8-channel, 24V, 100µs, sinking digital input module.

* cRIO-9472 with D-Sub: 8-channel, 24V, 100µs, sourcing digital output module.

The cRIO-9233 delivers high-performance dynamic signal acquisition (DSA) measurements for industrial machine condition monitoring (MCM) and in-vehicle noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) testing applications.

The cRIO-9233 offers high-fidelity, 24-bit analog input channels for up to four IEPE accelerometer or microphone sensors with advanced features such as anti-aliasing filters and smart transducer electronic data sheets (TEDS) sensor compatibility.

The cRIO-9233 module lowers the price point for portable DSA applications and delivers 102dB of dynamic range. Machine builders and automotive engineers can use the cRIO-9233 to add precision audio and vibration measurement capabilities to their embedded monitoring and control systems.

The cRIO-9221 module increases analogue input acquisition rates to 800kS/s, the channel density to eight channels and the voltage range to ±60V for CompactRIO systems.

Engineers now can directly connect to high-voltage industrial signals up to ±60V. The module also offers up to 2300Vrms of isolation (withstand), eliminates the need for external signal conditioning hardware and offers a direct connection to the CompactRIO reconfigurable FPGA circuitry for low-cost sensor integration.

The new cRIO-9425 module extends channel density of CompactRIO embedded systems with 32 high-speed digital input channels. Using the cRIO-9425 module with CompactRIO, engineers can create discrete control systems with up to 256 channels and digital loop rates exceeding 140kHz.

The cRIO-9425 contains an industry-standard 37-pin DSUB connector for a variety of low-cost connectivity options.

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