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Simplified historical data management

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article image Enhanced historical data viewing.

NATIONAL Instruments has announced the newest version of Lookout, the market's easy to use HMI/SCADA software. Lookout 5.0 features enhanced historical data viewing and management capabilities, delivering a better way to present, archive, and organise historical data.

With the improved historical data viewer in Lookout 5.0, users gain greater control over their user interface and have more options for viewing historical data.

For example, a user can specify to see temperature information from only a particular set of channels. Lookout then removes all other information from the screen, displaying only the specified temperature data from the specified channels. The user then can save the view for future reference.

Lookout 5.0 also includes new historical data management features that offer engineers increased flexibility in archiving, analysing, and organising historical data.

In addition to saving locally, users now can save data to a remote server or database as often as they want, safeguarding the data from potential corruption on the local disk to which they are logging.

Users also can merge historical data for side-by-side analysis. For example, a user can log two sets of data from two chemical reactors and then combine the data sets to perform comparative analysis.

Finally, users now can more easily organise their files by compacting them to save disk space, deleting unwanted information, adding new information, or renaming files.

NI Lookout simplifies industrial automation by eliminating programming, scripting, and separate compiling. With drag-and-drop application development, users save time and money on overall project costs.

Lookout is used in a variety of industrial applications, from controlling electricity at a power plant to creating a distributed HMI/SCADA system for a batch chemical process at a chemical or petrochemical plant. National Instruments 03 9879 5166.

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