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Remote controller for VXI systems

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NATIONAL Instruments has released its fastest remote controller option for message-based VXI systems. Engineers can use the new NI VXI-USB interface module to link any desktop or notebook computer directly to the VXIbus using the universal serial bus (USB).

Taking advantage of the high data throughput of the USB 2.0 link, the single-slot, C-size NI VXI-USB interface module has sustained throughput of up to 32MB/s for faster remote control. The VXI-USB remote controller is designed with message-based and word serial VXI systems in mind and includes a word serial accelerator to improve data transfer speed using word serial protocol commands.

The controller allows a personal computer to perform as if it were plugged directly into the VXI backplane, giving the host computer the capability of an embedded controller. The controller complies with the VXIbus 3.0 specification (2eVME and A64 addressing) for use with other VXIbus 3.0 modules. It shares a common API with the VXI-1394 and VXI-GPIB/C so that exchanging the controllers is transparent to the software.

The NI VXI-USB interface module is suitable for military, aerospace and automotive applications. It works seamlessly with a variety of software and hardware including NI LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, Measurement Studio for Visual Studio .NET and PXI controllers.

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