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Real-time controllers speed performance

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ENGINEERS can create high-speed real-time systems capable of executing control loops up to 40kHz with National Instruments' fastest RT Series PXI embedded controllers to date - the NI 8176 RT and the NI 8175 RT.

The rugged NI 8176 RT controller boasts a 1.2GHz processor and runs LabVIEW Real-Time control applications up to 300 percent faster than other real-time controllers and up to 28 percent faster than the PXI 8170 RT, previously NI's most powerful real-time controller.

The second new controller, the NI 8175 RT, is built on the same architecture as the NI 8176 RT and contains an 866MHz processor.

Both controllers come ready-to-run with an embedded LabVIEW Real-Time run-time engine and feature built-in 100 BaseTX Ethernet for open network connectivity.

Engineers can create customised, integrated applications with the LabVIEW real-time module and then download the applications to either of these controllers for guaranteed deterministic performance.

Because the controllers include built-in support for hardware I/O, engineers can combine them with a variety of PXI plug-in modules - from data acquisition, signal conditioning, dynamic signal acquisition, motion control, and serial and CAN connectivity - and even interface with third-party PXI/CompactPCI(tm) plug-in modules through NI-VISA(tm) software.

Because PXI systems are modular, engineers gain the flexibility to easily exchange or upgrade hardware to meet ever-changing application requirements.

The controllers' high-speed performance and extensive I/O integration easily meet the demands of sophisticated design validation applications in industries such as aerospace, defense, and automotive.

For example, engineers can use the high-speed, deterministic performance of the NI 8176 RT to create hydraulic actuator test cells or hardware-in-the-loop simulation systems. National Instruments 03 9879 5166.

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