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article image General-purpose PXI switch modules.

NATIONAL Instruments has released three general-purpose PXI switch modules to maximise relay density in a single PXI chassis. This allows reduced system costs and smaller test system footprints.

The switches are suited to a range of applications and industries including in-circuit testing in electronics and semiconductor applications, low-frequency signal switching in telecommunications applications, and low-current, high-channel ECU testing in automotive applications.

The NI PXI-2568 switch module is a 31-channel SPST (Form A) relay module. It has independent, latching armature relays with low on-resistance and low thermal offsets. The module can switch up to 2A at 30Vdc/30Vac or up to 150Vdc/150Vac at lower currents. It is suitable for medium channel count control or routing applications.

The NI PXI-2569 switch module is a 100-channel SPST (Form A) relay module. Its high density makes it suited to high-channel automated test equipment (ATE) applications. A chassis full of PXI-2569 modules can offer 1700 relay channels at up to 100Vdc/100Vac or 1A.

The NI PXI-2570 is a 40-channel SPDT (Form C) relay module. At 100Vdc/100Vac or 1A of switching power, the module is suited to high-channel control systems or routing ATE loads. Each relay contains a normally open, normally closed, and common terminal.

All NI switch hardware seamlessly integrates with the NI LabVIEW graphical development environment, NI Switch Executive switch configuration management softwareb and NI TestStand test management software. Engineers can use NI Switch Executive to program, validate, and maintain their switch system. The modules ship with NI-Switch driver software for module-level control and debugging.

Each module comes with CE and UL certification for their respective current and voltage specifications.

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