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PCI Express image acquisition board

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article image Acquires up to 680MB/s with any camera link.

NATIONAL Instruments has released a PCI Express image acquisition board for high-throughput vision applications.

The NI PCIe-1429 image acquisition board allows users to acquire images for Camera Link cameras to perform demanding imaging applications such as synchronised data and image acquisition, fault analysis and advanced motion tracking.

In the past high-speed imaging applications were confined to devices with banks of expensive onboard memory, which could only acquire images for short periods of time, or specialised buses such as the PCI 64/66 or PCI-X, which are not supported by standard PC chipsets. With the introduction of PCI Express technology by Intel and the NI PCIe-1429 image acquisition board, users can acquire high-speed data indefinitely through a standard PC bus.

Each NI PCIe-1429 image acquisition board includes one trigger line and two Camera Link connectors to support any base, medium or full-configuration Camera Link camera. Additional I/O lines for advanced triggering, pulse-train outputs and isolated digital I/O also are available. The board's four-lane PCI Express configuration allows users to acquire at the full Camera Link bandwidth of 680MB/s.

Other data acquisition measurements can also be synchronised with each acquired image to analyse activities frame by frame in data-intensive applications such as crash tests.

The image acquisition board is suitable for many industrial, life science and biomedical imaging applications. It can be used to perform fault analysis by setting up a stop trigger to record images before and after an event on the factory floor. They can use high-speed imaging to perform particle image velocimetry or track the movement intricacies in gait analysis. Scientists can use the board to measure the stimulus response of eye corneas to light or analyse heart valve behavior under pathologic cardiovascular conditions.

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