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PCI Express-based GPIB controller

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NATIONAL Instruments has released a GPIB controller for PCI Express. The PCIe-GPIB controller allows users to take advantage of the latest PC technology to control instruments through PCI Express.

The controller interface combines high-performance hardware with a complete suite of software development tools to get applications up and running quickly. The PCIe-GPIB relies on the NI TNT GPIB ASIC, making it a maximum-performance IEEE 488.2 controller for PCI Express. It can sustain data transfer rates of more than 1.5Mb/s using the IEEE 488.1 three-wire interlocked handshake. It implements the IEEE 488.1 noninterlocked handshake (HS488) for benchmarked data transfers at more than 7.9Mb/s.

Engineers can use the NI PCIe-GPIB with NI-488.2 driver software and any NI development environment including LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI and Measurement Studio for Microsoft Visual Studio.

PCI Express is a point-to-point serial interconnect that improves PCI by providing scalable bus bandwidth. It has a layered model that offers backward compatibility with existing PCI applications at the operating system level. It also has features such as guaranteed bandwidth for demanding data acquisition applications.

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