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Next generation multifunction DAQs

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article image The new NI M Series multifunction DAQ devices.

NATIONAL Instruments has announced the next generation of multifunction data acquisition (DAQ) products based on the newly designed NI-STC 2 system controller chip and NI-PGIA 2 amplifier technology.

The new NI M Series multifunction DAQ devices offer breakthroughs in accuracy as well as faster sampling rates, more I/O channels and a broad set of expanded features previously not available in multifunction DAQ devices.

The new M Series devices not only lower the cost per I/O channel by more than 30 percent, but they also reduce overall system costs by minimising setup time through advanced development tools included in NI-DAQmx measurement services driver software.

These 20 devices address low-cost, high-performance and high-accuracy applications.

M Series multifunction DAQ devices deliver an extensive set of features that makes them ideal for test, control and sensor measurement applications.

The core of each M Series device is the new NI-STC 2 synchronisation and timing controller, which allows up to six operations to execute simultaneously at throughput rates up to five times faster than previous DAQ devices.

M Series also offers a revolutionary design for calibration at every input range, improving measurement accuracy by up to five times in addition to extending the recommended calibration interval on most M Series devices to two years.

The redesigned NI-PGIA 2 family of programmable gain instrumentation amplifiers dramatically reduces settling time to ensure accurate measurements even at the fastest scanning rates.

In addition, M Series DAQ devices offer up to 32 18-bit analogue input channels, four 16-bit analog outputs, two 32-bit counter/timers and 48 digital I/O lines.

Engineers can use the new devices to hardware-time up to 32 of the digital lines up to 10 MHz. Each M Series device includes the latest version of NI-DAQmx measurement services driver software, which delivers easy configuration and a flexible programming interface for NI LabVIEW, Visual Studio .NET and NI LabWindows/CVI.

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