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New software connects design and test

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article image Virtual instrumentation on the benchtop.

NATIONAL Instruments has announced NI SignalExpress, an interactive software environment for acquiring, comparing, automating, testing and storing measurement signals.

With SignalExpress, engineers now can use virtual instrumentation on the benchtop to save valuable time by automating measurements for design, debugging, characterisation and validation labs.

In the past, electronic design and test engineers spent hours acquiring and analysing electronic measurements manually with traditional benchtop instruments.

The advancing complexity of today's electronic devices requires more tests to verify and validate a design without additional time in the product development cycle for engineers.

National Instruments delivers a simple and interactive solution through SignalExpress. With this new software environment, engineers can easily combine design simulation data with measurements through an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop environment that does not require programming.

The new software integrates with PC-based NI data acquisition hardware and modular instruments to quickly and interactively perform tasks common in the design phase of the product development cycle such as device characterisation, automated sweep measurements, limit testing and measurement logging.

NI SignalExpress integrates with electronic design automation (EDA) tools to instantly acquire and compare real and simulated measurements in the time and frequency domains. In one click, engineers also can save their SignalExpress measurements into Excel, ASCII and NI LabVIEW measurement files.

SignalExpress continues to build on Express technology by integrating with the LabVIEW graphical programming environment. To reuse in highly automated test applications, engineers can instantly convert their SignalExpress projects to LabVIEW block diagrams for applications such as automated system validation and manufacturing test.

Also, engineers can use LabVIEW to add functionality to SignalExpress by creating user-defined steps to perform tasks such as controlling GPIB instruments or calling a specialized analysis function.

SignalExpress is available for Windows 2000/NT/XP. Engineers can combine the interactive measurement software with NI M Series and NI E Series multifunction DAQ devices, NI signal generators and NI high-speed digitisers.

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