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National Instruments expands academic site license

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 National Instruments (NI) has expanded its academic site license to better address the needs of professors, researchers and students through university departments, colleges and campuses. Part of the expansion features a new circuit design and simulation option, as well as a student install option that gives students the opportunity to use software included in the academic site license on their personal computers.

The NI academic site is a comprehensive suite of full-featured NI software designed to fit the needs of academic institutions worldwide. The NI academic site provides a vast number of seats and is now packaged in DVD-ROM format for easier access to the proper software for specific application areas, including control design and mechatronics, circuit design and simulation, signal and image processing, measurements and data acquisition, embedded design and RF and wireless communications.

The NI academic site features the Windows Vista-compatible NI LabVIEW, which includes native support for text-based math with MathScript. With MathScript, users can integrate their existing m-files created through The MathWorks, Inc. MATLAB software, or create new scripts with NI LabVIEW and mix and match graphical and text-based approaches to meet their design application needs and quickly prototype systems.

According to NI, it expanded the NI academic site license to make it easier for educators teaching courses in areas such as circuits, controls, signal and image processing, communications and embedded systems to purchase the software they need.

The new student install option has been selected by several large universities to give students access to NI’s software on their personal computers for these courses.

The new circuit design and simulation option for the NI academic site consists of Multisim, the Multisim MCU Module and Ultiboard, which compose a software suite that equips students and professors with tools for schematic capture, interactive simulation, board layout and integrated test.

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