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NI test integrates boundary-scan

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JTAG Technologies has developed a new software interface that extends National Instruments ’ test capabilities to include boundary-scan, offering engineers a single, low-cost platform for test.

Coupled with PXI boundary-scan hardware, the interface allows engineers to build a unified test system to examine functional aspects of a product, inspect electrical circuit connections, and perform in-system-programming of flash memory and PLDs in the same testing phase, according to NI product strategy vice president Ray Almgren.

“Engineers now have a cost-effective solution that covers all facets of manufacturing test in a single, compact system,” Almgren said.

“By using a unified, modular system for functional test, optical inspection and boundary scan, engineers can perform far more comprehensive tests on their products while reducing test time, cost of deployment and cost of ownership”.

Almgren said the integrated test system not only saves on floor space due to the smaller footprint but is easy to modify or expand to meet changing system needs due to it being modular PXI-based.

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