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NI reshapes instrumentation with software-based, all-in-one device

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article image VirtualBench opens up new possibilities for engineers using benchtop instruments

National Instruments Aust & NZ announces the availability of a unique device that combines five essential instruments in one for use by engineers working on benchtop test equipment.

NI’s new VirtualBench integrates a mixed-signal oscilloscope, function generator, digital multimeter, programmable DC power supply and digital I/O. Users interact with VirtualBench through software applications that run on PCs or iPads.

Providing common functionalities in an affordable package, the VirtualBench opens up new possibilities for how engineers can use benchtop instruments.

According to Russell Stanphil, electronics advisor at TechShop, earlier he didn’t have the room or budget to buy a full setup for each bench, but now he can park one laptop and a VirtualBench on each seat, replacing four to five boxes.

VirtualBench offers benefits such as the use of the latest technologies including multitouch displays, multicore processors, wireless connectivity and intuitive interfaces. The simplification and increased capability through software leads to more efficient circuit debugging and validation.

Chad Chesney, director of data acquisition marketing at NI explains that the new VirtualBench builds on NI’s software-based approach to test and measurement, adding that VirtualBench’s software user experience is more intuitive, creating efficiencies that go above and beyond simply having these five devices in a single device.

Key benefits of the VirtualBench include minimal space requirement on a desktop or benchtop; simplified instrument configuration through consistent, user-friendly interfaces; consolidated view of multiple instruments, visualisation on larger displays and quick functionality to save data and screenshots; and seamless integration with LabVIEW system design software.

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