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Multiplexer and DMM/Switch Express VI for data-logging

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article image Suitable for temperature scanning and functional test in a variety of industries.

ENGINEERS can now use National Instruments’ (NI) PXI-2527 300 V, 32-channel multiplexer along with the new DMM/Switch Express VI to ease development for data-logging and high-channel-count functional test applications.

The hardware and software combination seamlessly integrates with the NI PXI-407x FlexDMM series, so engineers can expand their channel counts and make voltage, current, resistance, capacitance and inductance scanning operations with one function call in the NI LabVIEW graphical development environment.

The new products are suitable for applications such as temperature scanning and functional test in a variety of industries, including military, aerospace, automotive and consumer electronics.

The PXI-2527 multiplexer, which adds to the more than 125 switch configurations from NI, is a 300 V CAT I electromechanical switch module designed for medium- to high-density automated test systems.

The module raises the density of PXI high-voltage multiplexers from NI by 500%.

The multiplexer offers multichannel configurations, including 64x1 1-wire, 32x1 2-wire and 16x1 4-wire, with a switching capacity of up to 300Vdc/300Vac CAT I (UL/CE certified) or up to 2A.

The module includes a cold-junction compensation sensor in the front-mounting terminal block to assist in thermocouple scanning applications with a scan rate of 140 channels per second.

The DMM/Switch Express VI for NI LabVIEW extends LabVIEW Express technology to facilitate multipoint DMM operations and synchronisation with any NI multiplexer switch module, either in PXI or SCXI.

While most synchronised DMM/switch systems require extensive programming to route trigger signals between modules, the DMM/Switch Express VI abstracts this complexity from the engineer for high-level options, such as synchronous mode and full-hardware handshaking, with either PXI backplane or front-panel trigger-signal options.

The DMM/Switch Express VI combines the most common setup and module configuration steps into one function call, which greatly simplifies programming.

The PXI-2527 multiplexer and DMM/Switch Express VI integrate with a variety of NI software including the LabVIEW graphical development environment, NI TestStand test management software and NI Switch Executive switch management software.

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