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article image Motion prototyping software converts to LabVIEW and C code.

MACHINE builders and OEMs now can use National Instruments ’ Motion Assistant Version 1.2 to interactively prototype motion control applications and convert their projects into ready-to-run code in C or NI LabVIEW.

NI Motion Assistant has a graphical, point-and-click interface with 3D-visualisation capabilities for creating motion control applications using stepper, servo and piezo actuators. The software's smart contouring allows machine builders and OEMs to improve the performance of profile-cutting machinery for wood-working, metal-working and foam-cutting applications.

Motion Assistant 1.2 now enhances C development environments such as NI LabWindows/CVI and Microsoft Visual C++ with an interactive motion control environment and 3D visualisation capabilities. Machine builders and OEMs can convert their Motion Assistant projects to C source code or LabVIEW virtual instruments that they can later modify to integrate logic, process or vision functionality. With the software, they can easily perform blending, coordinated circular and linear interpolation, electronic gearing and vector-space control.

Motion Assistant 1.2 offers smart contouring, which gives machine builders and OEMs the ability to redesign a user-defined trajectory based on their desired move constraints while preserving move geometry. Users can implement trapezoidal or S-curve velocity profiles for moves with complex geometry, which helps to minimise jitter on mechanical components and increase machine life. This is useful in profile-cutting applications where engineers must continuously set up machines to trace different contours.

Engineers can download an evaluation version of NI Motion Assistant 1.2 at www.ni.com/motion. The software allows engineers to use code-generation functions to convert their motion control projects to LabVIEW or C code.

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