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PROGRAMMERS can expand their measurement capabilities in LabWindows/CVI, Microsoft Visual Basic and Visual C++, with National Instruments latest release of Measurement Studio, a set of measurement tools that complements the text-based languages programmers use most.

Measurement Studio 6.0 provides all the tools engineers need to create a variety of integrated test, measurement, and control applications in the programming language of their choice.

NI has provided text-based programmers with software to create measurement and automation applications since 1988, when the company introduced LabWindows. NI continues to serve these customers with Measurement Studio 6.0.

With new features, such as powerful hardware integration capabilities, improved visualisation and analysis tools, and superior internet connectivity, engineers find that they can build robust measurement systems more efficiently.

Engineers can integrate vision and motion hardware into their measurement application through new intuitive, task-oriented software.

With this hardware compatibility, engineers can create mission critical, multifunction applications, such as an automated system that includes motion capabilities, data acquisition, and visual inspection to package and test electrical signals, check for missing parts, and scan the packaging for correct labels.

Through ActiveX controls for Visual Basic and C++ Classes for Visual C++, users now have complete interchangeable virtual instrumentation (IVI(tm)) class compatibility.

LabWindows/CVI programmers use the included instrument driver wizard to create and use IVI instrument drivers. With IVI drivers, engineers can interchange instrument hardware without ever recompiling software.

Using ActiveX, Component Object Model (COM), and Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL), applications can be integrated to extend the capabilities of their measurement system or share applications across different languages to save valuable development time and prevent costly duplication.

LabWindows/CVI users can incorporate ActiveX controls from other software programs or add capabilities, such as streaming video or voice control, to their Measurement Studio application without having to develop technology in-house to support the new feature.

Measurement Studio also has tools for an array of advanced functions for signal analysis. National Instruments 03 9879 5166.

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