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NATIONAL Instruments has announced NI-DAQmx 7.2, the newest version of its measurement services software that offers advanced functionality improvements compared to basic data acquisition drivers.

Engineers can use NI-DAQmx to save substantial configuration time while improving system performance through new capabilities such as plug-and-play TEDS "smart" sensing technology and LabVIEW Real-Time control.

The new plug-and-play transducer electronic data sheets (TEDS) offered in NI-DAQmx 7.2 integrate smart sensor technology into measurement systems as easily and quickly as connecting a mouse to a computer.

This functionality not only simplifies sensor configuration for existing and new NI data acquisition hardware but eliminates manual data entry and delivers automated system detection and configuration.

NI-DAQmx 7.2 also streamlines system configuration by offering dynamic display of terminal connections, showing engineers exactly where they should wire each configured sensor.

The step-by-step DAQ Assistant included in NI-DAQmx 7.2 saves development time by automatically generating code for various measurement types, such as sound pressure, and more than 20 additional NI measurement products.

Engineers can use NI-DAQmx to build test and control systems with up to 1MS/s waveform output, up to 80MHz counter/timer operations, up to 5MS/s simultaneous sampling analog input and 24-bit resolution dynamic signal acquisition with 100dB of dynamic range.

NI-DAQmx technology also extends the performance enhancements of optimised single-point loops and multithreaded, concurrent I/O to real-time control applications in the LabVIEW environment.

Available for real-time applications for the first time, NI-DAQmx simplifies implantation of timed loops and delivers real-time feedback for these applications.

These new features are ideal for integrating PXI-based data acquisition devices in control systems that run a PID loop at a rate greater than 50kHz, a more than 30 percent increase compared to previous versions of NI-DAQ.

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