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LabVIEW delivers real-time to DeviceNet

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MACHINE control designers and factory automation engineers now can incorporate the benefits of real-time technology into DeviceNet applications with the latest version of National Instruments NI-DNET driver software.

NI-DNET 1.4 supports innovative NI LabVIEW real-time features while offering a high-level application programming interface for complete access to DeviceNet networks.

In addition, NI-DNET 1.4 delivers both Controller Area Network (CAN) protocols and DeviceNet on a single PC.

By incorporating LabVIEW Real-Time into DeviceNet networks, engineers can take advantage of features such as deterministic control and easy development to create robust, deterministic programs.

Because of the determinism and easy-to-use API in LabVIEW Real-Time, NI-DNET 1.4 is ideal for industrial applications.

For example, NI-DNET is especially useful in semiconductor processing applications that use DeviceNet devices such as digital mass flow controllers and digital pressure controllers.

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