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Improved image quality with NI LabVIEW

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article image NI software tools consistently measure image quality.

NATIONAL Instruments has announced that Eastman Kodak uses the NI LabVIEW graphical development environment and NI Vision software to perform image quality analysis for a variety of Kodak products, including digital cameras, printers and scanners.

With these NI software tools, Kodak improves product designs by consistently measuring image quality throughout the entire design process.

Kodak then uses the software during the manufacturing process to verify that assembled imaging products meet Kodak's high image quality standards.

NI LabVIEW and NI Vision software help Kodak analyse digital images and measure key image quality attributes such as sharpness, flare and color accuracy.

"NI Vision products are particularly important to us because they are optimized for the large amounts of data inherent in digital images," said John Jamieson, software product manager for Kodak.

"We rely on many of the capabilities of NI Vision for the analysis, including 2D FFTs, pattern matching and statistics functions, because of the speed and accuracy requirements for manufacturing applications. We chose LabVIEW as the graphical user interface so we could quickly prototype and develop our image processing tools."

Jamieson said that the functionality provided by these NI products gave Kodak a great starting point for their analysis routines without having to start from scratch.

This helped them deliver their image quality software and test measurement systems quickly and cost-effectively to the groups responsible for measuring image quality.

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