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Free LabVIEW VI toolkit plug-in

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ENGINEERS and scientists now can download the free National Instruments analyser toolkit plug-in to save time testing and creating quality, native NI LabVIEW plug-and-play source code drivers.

The new tool features tests and configurations that automate the process of verifying that instrument drivers meet certified National Instruments LabVIEW standards.

The plug-in is available free at www.ni.com/idnet and requires the NI LabVIEW VI Analyser Toolkit, a powerful, easy-to-use tool for creating quality LabVIEW code for a variety of applications.

By using the plug-in, engineers and scientists can access additional instrument driver tests prioritised for driver architecture and API design, VI names and properties, controls and indicator properties, front panels, block diagrams, icons and connector panes, documentation, palette menus and examples. With these tests, they can automate and improve the process of verifying their instrument driver code.

"The new Instrument Driver VI Analyzer Toolkit plug-in helps engineers and scientists save valuable time developing instrument drivers that meet LabVIEW Instrument Driver Advisory Board standards," said Dr. Daniel Kaminsky, LabVIEW Instrument Driver Advisory Board member and Division of Virtual Instrumentation manager at Elcom, a.s., in Prague.

"We are excited about the new Instrument Driver VI Analyser plug-in because LabVIEW users now can easily access the necessary tests for analysing the quality of drivers and ensuring that they adhere to the certification guidelines."

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