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Five low-cost digital I/O boards

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article image 37-pin subminiature-D on the front panels.

NATIONAL Instruments has announced five new digital I/O boards that offer ease of use and deterministic performance at a low cost, for industrial measurement and control and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) applications.

These new boards deliver NI-DAQmx software technology for Windows and NI LabVIEW Real-Time, as well as a high-reliability industrial feature set and a 37-pin subminiature-D on their front panels for easy connectivity with low-cost accessories.

Each device offers industrial features such as watchdog timers, optical isolation, programmable power-up states, programmable input filters, change detection and industrial certifications.

The new modules include:

* NI PCI-6510: ±30V dc, optically isolated, industrial 32 digital sinking/sourcing input.

* NI PCI-6516: ±30V dc, optically isolated, industrial 32 digital sourcing input.

* NI PCI-6517: ±30V dc, optically isolated, industrial 32 digital sinking input.

* NI PCI-6518: ±30V dc, optically isolated, industrial 16 digital sinking/sourcing input, 16 digital sourcing output.

* NI PCI-6519: ±30V dc, optically isolated, industrial 16 digital sinking/sourcing input, 16 digital sinking output.

The industrial features offered in the new boards are especially valuable for mission-critical industrial measurement and control applications.

Engineers can use programmable power-up states on each digital I/O device to configure the initial digital state in software to ensure safe operation when controlling industrial actuators such as pumps, valves, motors and relays.

The boards feature 24V logic levels to enable direct connections to industrial sensors and actuators. Programmable input filters eliminate noise on inputs, remove glitches and spikes and provide debouncing for digital switches and relays. Digital I/O watchdogs protect against a variety of fault conditions such as computer and application crashes.

The new boards are completely software programmable without jumpers, and deliver innovative NI-DAQmx measurement services software technology on both Windows and LabVIEW Real-Time operating systems.

NI-DAQmx includes automatic code generation for creating applications in LabVIEW, C, Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and C#.

NI DAQ Assistant, a key feature of NI-DAQmx, guides engineers to fast, accurate input/output technology that delivers up to 100 times faster I/O throughput for concurrent and high-channel-count systems, as well as other advanced features such as automatic timing, triggering and synchronisation.

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