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NATIONAL Instruments has announced NI Switch Executive, the market's first open switch management software. With NI Switch Executive, manufacturing test engineers lower the cost of testing by reducing switch configuration maintenance and improving test performance.

"Engineers now can quickly build flexible, high-density switching systems without the hassle of programming switching routes and manually managing the system," said Malcolm Borgendale, NI product manager for Switch software.

"NI Switch Executive seamlessly integrates with NI LabVIEW, NI TestStand, or any other development environment, as well as a variety of NI and third-party switching hardware, making it the first truly open switch management software commercially available."

NI Switch Executive simplifies switching configurations in sophisticated applications, such as testing telecommunications systems with hundreds of test points, by combining several switch connections into a single configuration.

In addition, engineers can use software-assisted switch routing to quickly connect instruments or other test devices to test points rather than programming the connections one-by-one, speeding development time and reducing deployment effort.

This new switch management software displays the channels that make up a switch system so that engineers can easily view connections between test devices and test points and name these channels with descriptive aliases, such as corresponding terminals or instruments, to identify connections.

Engineers can quickly reroute switches at any time to meet the needs of new products under test, and with descriptively named connections, they can instantly identify channels even if they did not originally configure the system.

Intelligent NI Switch Executive software increases test system performance by efficiently converting switch configurations from one test sequence to the next.

Traditionally, engineers disconnect each switch between test sequences. Now, NI Switch Executive increases the throughput of functional tests by sustaining common connections in switch configurations between tests.

When test engineers change between a cell phone transmitter test to a cell phone receiver test, for example, common switches to both tests remain connected.

The software also ensures that the end-to-end measurement path follows the same route every time to guarantee calibration consistency and maintain accurate measurements.

NI Switch Executive is the latest in NI's open, modular software offerings for automated test, including TestStand flexible test executive, LabVIEW graphical development environment, and Measurement Studio development environment for Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual C++, and ANSI C.

In addition, NI Switch Executive is built using the Interchangeable Virtual Instruments (IVI) standard to ensure that engineers can use and interchange a variety of switching hardware without reprogramming their software.

As a result, NI Switch Executive delivers intelligent switching to NI and third-party PXI, SCXI, VXI, and GPIB switches. National Instruments03 9879 5166.

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