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NATIONAL Instruments has extended its high-performance 16-bit NI 6052E data acquisition (DAQ) family to portable applications with the introduction of the DAQPad-6052E for IEEE 1394.

This device uses the NI E Series data acquisition hardware architecture to deliver 16 single-ended or eight differential channels, a 333kS/s continuous sampling rate, and 16-bit resolution.

The device also features two 16-bit analog outputs (333kS/s update rate), two 24-bit counter/timers, and eight digital I/O lines.

Its IEEE 1394 (FireWire) connection delivers high-speed, continuous transfers to and from the computer. Users can daisy-chain up to four of the devices on the same IEEE 1394 bus with no degradation in performance.

The speed, performance, and portability of the device make it suitable for design validation and research/lab automation applications including acoustical testing, field diagnostics, and vibration analysis.

With the release of the DAQPad-6052E device, combined with NI's DAQPad-6070E device, the company offers its two highest performance E Series DAQ products in a portable platform.

The DAQPad-6052E for IEEE 1394 is available in a mass termination model and a BNC termination model.

The mass termination model features a 68-pin cable that connects to standard E Series accessories such as connector blocks and signal conditioning modules.

The BNC termination model features BNC connectors to easily attach signals to the device. Engineers should use the BNC termination model when no signal conditioning is required on their input signals.

The DAQPad-6052E device comes with NI-DAQ 6.9 driver software, a powerful application programming interface for use with numerous development environments and languages.

NI-DAQ 6.9 transparently connects to the IEEE 1394 bus interface and integrates seamlessly with NI's application software, including LabVIEW and Measurement Studio. National Instruments 03 9879 5166.

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