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Fast multifunction I/O device for PCI

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NATIONAL Instruments has extended its simultaneous sampling multifunction I/O family with the introduction of its highest bandwidth PCI data acquisition (DAQ) device.

The 12-bit NI PCI-6115 simultaneous sampling multifunction I/O device delivers digital, analog, and mixed signal capabilities for high-frequency DAQ applications.

These capabilities make it a suitable alternative to stand-alone instruments for many applications that require flexible channel counts and synchronisation.

The NI PCI-6115 device features simultaneous analog input and output, two on-board memory options, and samples at a maximum of 10MS/s on each of four input channels.

The device also features two 12-bit output channels capable of 4MS/s, eight digital I/O lines, two 24-bit counter/timers, and an RTSI bus for board synchronisation.

With this high-speed device, engineers can record higher bandwidth signals, including signals from mobile telephony, radar, sonar, and ultrasonic systems.

The input bandwidth of the device is 5MHz and provides software-selectable filters at 50 and 500kHz for anti-alias protection.

The NI PCI-6115 device is capable of correlated high-speed operations that combine analog input, analog output, timed digital I/O, and counter/timer functions.

The device comes with NI-DAQ 6.9 driver software, a programming interface for use with numerous programming environments and languages. Through NI-DAQ 6.9, the NI PCI-6115 device integrates with NI's application development environments, including LabVIEW and Measurement Studio for Visual Basic and C++ users.

With this release, the NI 6115 simultaneous sampling multifunction I/O family now offers both 16Ms and 32Ms on-board memory options for PCI and PXI/CompactPCI. National Instruments 03 9879 5166.

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