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Ethernet/LAN and USB instrument drivers

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ENGINEERS and scientists can now use new National Instruments’ (NI) LabVIEW instrument drivers to control a wide range of instruments through the standard connectivity of Ethernet/LAN and USB.

Instrument drivers to control LeCroy's latest line of high-performance oscilloscopes are included, such as the WaveMaster, WavePro, WaveRunner and WaveSurfer via Ethernet/LAN, as well as the Tektronix AFG3000 Series arbitrary/function generators via USB, Ethernet/LAN and GPIB.

While GPIB remains the most widely used bus for instrument-to-PC connectivity, the ubiquitous nature of Ethernet/LAN and USB ports on today's PCs attracts many instrument vendors and engineers to these new connectivity options.

NI offers an industry-leading software platform, including the NI LabVIEW graphical development environment, NI-VISA I/O library and NI certified instruments drivers on the NI Instrument Driver Network, to ensure seamless integration and connectivity between the PC and Ethernet/LAN or USB instruments.

Engineers can use the widely adopted NI-VISA I/O library to create applications that communicate with standalone instruments across any bus, including Ethernet/LAN, USB, GPIB, serial and FireWire, without requiring any future modifications to their software if they change bus options.

National Instruments’ vision of virtual instrumentation is based on leveraging PC standard I/O and off-the-shelf components.

In addition to more than 350 Ethernet/LAN and USB instrument drivers, NI offers many other products to further enhance these connectivity options, including instrument control products that deliver Ethernet/LAN or USB connectivity to existing GPIB and serial instruments; Ethernet/LAN controllers and modules for the network-ready PXI platform; stand-alone Ethernet/LAN-based platforms, such as NI CompactRIO and Compact Fieldpoint and USB-based data acquisition products, such as the NI USB-92xx devices.

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