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Embedded technology for Blackfin Processors

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article image Includes Blackfin-specific, hand-optimised analysis.

ANALOG Devices Inc. and National Instruments have announced the availability of the beta version of the NI LabVIEW Embedded Module for ADI Blackfin Processors. This device provides design engineers early access to a seamless, graphical dataflow development paradigm to directly target Blackfin Processors. With this new intuitive software, more engineers can take advantage of embedded technology to increase productivity and reduce time to application.

"Analog Devices is excited to collaborate with National Instruments to significantly increase the productivity of embedded designers by combining LabVIEW graphical programming with our world-class Blackfin Processors and development tools," said General Manager, Convergent Platform and Services Group at Analog Devices, Jerry McGuire.

"The new LabVIEW embedded technology provides a development environment that is at the forefront of the industry. The NI LabVIEW Embedded Module for Blackfin Processors offers simplified embedded programming for domain experts and a high-level graphical tool for traditional design engineers as well as low-level optimised algorithms, on-chip peripherals and component drivers - helping companies deliver products to market in record time."

The beta version builds on LabVIEW embedded technology and includes Blackfin-specific, hand-optimised analysis and signal processing functions. Integrated I/O such as audio and video DACs, ADCs and CODECs is included, as well as on-chip debugging.

Engineers can completely design their applications using the intuitive LabVIEW graphical dataflow programming paradigm and integrate legacy C code within their LabVIEW diagrams for extended functionality.

The new LabVIEW software reduces time to application by seamlessly integrating with ADI's VisualDSP++ development and debugging environment for real-time, interactive debugging and deployment directly to Blackfin Processors.

The NI LabVIEW Embedded Module for ADI Blackfin Processors beta version also provides easy connectivity to the extensive range of NI test and measurement hardware for deploying external stimulation and test methodologies early in the development process.

"Traditionally, engineers have relied on a limited number of experts to program their embedded applications through low-level, text-based programming languages such as assembly and C," said NI senior vice president of R&D at Analog Devices, Tim Dehne.

"With the release of the NI LabVIEW Embedded Module for ADI Blackfin Processors beta version, National Instruments and Analog Devices are working together to help more engineers and scientists develop embedded applications. By taking advantage of ADI's Blackfin Processors with the proven programming productivity of LabVIEW, more embedded design ideas and projects will become a reality."

LabVIEW Embedded technology enhances the graphical LabVIEW platform for rapid simulation, design, prototyping, implementing, validating and verifying embedded applications.

As a design tool, LabVIEW dramatically speeds prototyping development and design implementations through a powerful, high-level graphical programming language.

Engineers and scientists now can use LabVIEW for simulation and rapid prototyping on Blackfin itself or the National Instruments CompactRIO embedded control system and subsequently deploy to their custom targets.

With this new LabVIEW module, more engineers and scientists can access ADI's Blackfin Processors - the first in a new breed of 16/32-bit embedded processors designed specifically to meet the computational demands and power constraints of today's embedded audio, video and communications applications.

The Blackfin Processor family combines a 32-bit RISC-like instruction set with 16-bit dual multiply accumulate (MAC) signal processing functionality and ease-of-use attributes found in general-purpose microcontrollers.

Dynamic Power Management enables breakthrough power consumption required for many battery-operated applications by allowing the simultaneous adjustment of operating frequency and voltage under application control. Because of their code compatibility, all Blackfin Processors provide portability of design.

Analog Devices and National Instruments will launch the NI LabVIEW Embedded Module for ADI Blackfin Processors later this year.

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