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Digital multimeter for PCI bus measurement

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article image PCI-4070 FlexDMM PCI bus measurement tool.

ENGINEERS can dramatically reduce the time it takes to make accurate measurements on the PCI bus with National Instruments full-featured 61/2-digit digital multimeter (DMM), the new NI PCI-4070 FlexDMM.

The multifunction capability of the FlexDMM and its tight integration with LabVIEW 7 Express measurement software gives engineers the flexibility, resolution, input range and isolation required for applications such as fuel cell testing and high-resolution data converters.

The FlexDMM can operate as both a full-featured 61/2-digit DMM and a 1.8MS/s high-voltage isolated digitiser. It delivers six parts per million basic 24hr dc voltage accuracy and sub microvolt sensitivity.

The FlexDMM offers a dc reading rate from 100S/s at 61/2 digits to 10kS/s at 41/2 digits. As a digitiser, the FlexDMM can acquire both ac and dc-coupled voltage and current waveforms up to 300V and 1A input at a maximum sampling rate of 1.8MS/s.

With the FlexDMM, engineers can make a variety of non-standard measurements, including instantaneous power, that were traditionally solved using a specialised instrument such as a power meter.

Engineers can quickly increase the channel count of their PCI or PXI-based DMM system by easily integrating with NI switch modules, such as the NI PXI-2530 128x1 multiplexer and the NI SCXI-1129 256 crosspoint high-density matrix.

When engineers use the FlexDMM with NI switch modules and NI Switch Executive switch management software, they can measure thousands of channels with a single multimeter.

The FlexDMM ships with NI-DMM driver software, which is optimised for use with NI LabVIEW and LabWindows/CVI, and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.

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