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NATIONAL Instruments has announced the TEDS LabVIEW library and the NI Plug & Play Sensors Development Kit, two new development tools that engineers can use to quickly and easily integrate IEEE P1451.4 smart TEDS analogue sensors into their computer-based data acquisition applications.

IEEE P1451.4 smart TEDS sensors contain an embedded memory chip with standardised transducer electronic data sheets (TEDS) that store sensor information and parameters for self-identification and self-description.

The sensors include serial digital links for accessing this information for plug and play operation as well as analog signals for backwards compatibility with traditional measurement systems.

The TEDS LabVIEW library, an online database of LabVIEW virtual instruments (VIs) available for download on ni.com, makes it easy for engineers to integrate analog smart sensors into their LabVIEW applications.

The VIs implement basic TEDS management functions for reading and decoding TEDS sensors and editing and recompiling TEDS data according to IEEE P1451.4 specifications.

Systems developers then can use the decoded TEDS information to automate the setup and configuration of all sensors in their system.

Engineers also can use the software to patch into sensor manufacturing or calibration systems to automate the programming of the embedded computer chips.

The NI Plug & Play Sensor Development Kit, based on the company's SCC signal conditioning and E Series DAQ platform, is a complete data acquisition system for evaluating, using, and developing technology based on the IEEE P1451.4 specifications.

With the development kit, engineers use the TEDS LabVIEW library combined with data acquisition and signal conditioning hardware to create measurement systems that communicate with both the analogue and digital portions of smart TEDS sensors, read and manage TEDS data, and create and reprogram sensors.

The kit works with a broad range of sensors, including accelerometers, temperature sensors, load cells, pressure sensors, displacement sensors, and others.

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