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DAQ deliver simultaneous sampling rates up to 3MS/s

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article image Includes improved throughput per channel.

NATIONAL Instruments (NI) has released four new simultaneous-sampling S series data acquisition (DAQ) devices for the PCI bus - the NI PCI-6133, NI PCI-6132, NI PCI-6123 and NI PCI-6122.

These devices raise the performance of PC-based instrumentation with simultaneous-sampling rates up to 3MS/s.

The four boards offer high-density, low-cost options ideal for general-purpose data acquisition and automated test, ultrasonics, ballistics, acoustics, high-energy physics and radar applications.

In addition to the 3MS/s sampling rates offered in the PCI-6133 and PCI-6132, all four boards deliver NI S series DAQ features, including improved throughput per channel and accuracy at low costs.

The dedicated A/D converter per channel architecture provides a much higher aggregate sampling rate compared to traditional multiplexed data acquisition devices.

The PCI-6133 and PCI-6132 boards also include eight and four channels of simultaneous sampling, plus 14 bits of resolution, four signal input ranges analogue triggering, eight hardware-timed digital I/O (DIO) lines and two counter/timers.

The PCI-6123 and PCI-6122 boards include eight and four channels of simultaneous sampling at rates of 500kS/s, 16 bits of resolution, four signal input ranges, analogue triggering, eight hardware-timed DIO lines and two counter/timers.

With more advanced signal conditioning connectivity, engineers now can create an inexpensive transient recorder, down converter digitiser or high-speed strain measurement device with a typical PC.

With lower costs and easier-to-use programming interfaces, these devices replace many traditional VXI, CAMAC and boxed instruments.

Each of the four new S series DAQ boards seamlessly integrates with NI software including NI-DAQmx, SignalExpress, the LabVIEW graphical development environment, VI Logger data-logging software, the LabVIEW Sound and Vibration Toolkit and the LabVIEW Signal Processing Toolkit.

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