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Combine Ethernet, USB and PCI on same system

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ENGINEERS can now take advantage of NI-488.2 Version 2.0 for Windows 2000/XP/Me/98, which combines the power of Ethernet, USB, and PCI under the same driver software.

With this industry-standard software, they can install and use National Instruments PCI-GPIB, GPIB-USB-A, and GPIB-ENET/100 interfaces on the same Windows-based computer and use the same NI-488.2 code for each interface.

NI-488.2 Version 2.0 software also delivers improved reliability and stability through its redesigned driver for multithreaded applications.

The software includes a locking function for all compatible platforms and interfaces that helps prevent multiple threads and processes from interfering with each other in high-performance automated test applications.

NI-488.2 Version 2.0 also uses NI ASIC technology to enhance performance. The software maintains backward compatibility with previous versions of NI-488.2 and is now fully localised into Japanese.

The software ships with the new NI GPIB-USB and GPIB-ENET/100 kits or is available as a free upgrade to customers with previous versions of NI-488.2 for Windows. Visit ni.com/support to download the free upgrade.

NI-488.2 is the industry-standard software for developing GPIB applications. NI-488.2 for Windows combines a full suite of development tools to get applications up and running quickly with a high-performance driver to minimise test time.

It increases productivity with innovative technologies and utilities, such as the Getting Started Wizard, the Troubleshooting Wizard, the Interactive Control Utility, GPIB Analyser software, and online help.

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