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NATIONAL Instruments has announced the VI Analyser Toolkit, a new LabVIEW add-on that quickly analyses LabVIEW VIs to identify design flaws and recommend improvements.

LabVIEW developers use this toolkit to enhance performance, memory usage, style and clarity of their code.

The toolkit features 58 automated tests that examine the LabVIEW VI front panel, block diagram and documentation.

Taking seconds to run, each test identifies specific inefficiencies in the code, includes details on how to improve those areas and provides a direct link to the area of code in question. This empowers new LabVIEW users to easily develop applications and reduces the time to review software for all LabVIEW developers.

In addition to evaluating existing code, the toolkit helps developers improve future VI designs by automatically generating reports that improve coding practices over time. Reports can be included in source code control documentation to recommend future code changes, or saved as HTML to share with colleagues over the Internet.

Developers also can save test settings for LabVIEW projects to easily rerun previous test configurations after they implement code changes. Developers can also use the toolkit's programmatic interface to automate application testing, allowing them to quickly and easily build a nightly code review process for all LabVIEW applications.

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