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Analytical Instrument Drivers for LabVIEW

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ANALYTICAL instrument vendors recently teamed up with National Instruments to offer driver software that integrate their instruments with the NI LabVIEW graphical development environment for life science lab and research applications.

Users now can visit the Instrument Driver Network at ni.com/idnet to download more than 40 analytical drivers from 19 instrument vendors such as Harvard Apparatus, Sutter Instrument and Cardiac.

The new LabVIEW plug and play source code drivers deliver more flexibility to scientists and engineers for connecting and controlling their instruments. The drivers are also useful for integrating measurements with other instruments, performing customised analysis and modifying user interfaces. The drivers integrate LabVIEW with many analytical instruments such as Harvard Apparatus syringe pumps, Sutter Instrument filter wheels and drivers written by Cardiac for the Nonin XPOD pulse oximeter and Agilent Series 50 foetal monitor.

Harvard Apparatus, Sutter Instrument and Cardiac are members of the Instrument Driver Developer Program, a cooperative effort of instrument vendors to create standard LabVIEW driver software for their instruments. Scientists and engineers can use a Harvard Apparatus syringe pump, LabVIEW and NI Compact FieldPoint to automate sample preparation in the lab for sample storage, collection, shipment, archiving and processing. Biotechnology applications that require sophisticated optics, shuttering and imaging techniques can integrate Sutter Instrument filter wheels and shutters with LabVIEW in fast wavelength switching systems.

In the National Instruments Lab and Research Web Event Series will run from 7 September - 5 October. It will cover techniques such as managing a LabVIEW-based laboratory information management system (LIMS) or performing spectral imaging to find, characterise and store spectral and colour signatures from microstructures.

CARDIAC will run a presentation entitled "Managing your lab process and data with a LabVIEW-based LIMS". LightForm will run "Use of spectral imaging as a diagnostic tool". Applied Scientific Instrumentation will run "Automating photonic detection of fluorescence using National Instruments tools". Harvard Bioscience will run "Developing sample preparation/sample handling applications". Finally, Sutter Instrument will run "Integrating filter wheels and shutters with LabVIEW in fast wavelength switching systems".

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