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National Coding Technologies introduces the new Jetstick barcode label applicator

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Available from National Coding Technologies , the Jetstick barcode label applicator has been specifically designed for rapid barcode label application in industrial scenarios.

The low cost Jetstick Industrial Applicator is an air-powered label applicator that works alongside barcode label printers by way of a base plate. When the printer presents the printed barcode label the JIA barcode label applicator secures the label using suction and positions it for the “blow” application that fixes the label onto the target item.

The barcode label applicator works accurately and easily on items of irregular sizes, shapes and surfaces and labels of up to 100mm x 150mm can be applied from a distance of 100mm. 

The JIA barcode label applicator uses a patented air-amplifier mechanism that increases air pressure without increasing the amount of air required, thus saving on operating costs. 

The JIA barcode label applicator is constructed from high strength aluminium and finished with an anodized surface. There are only two moving parts (motor and air valve) offering minimal maintenance and reliability.

The Jetstick barcode label applicator is available with optional wireless network connectivity and enables remote managing via a warehouse management system, desktop PC or wireless handheld computer. 

This enables label formats and data information to be changed without a direct cable connection.

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