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Non-DG, non-Haz coal flotation program released

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Nalco Australia has released a non-dangerous goods, non-hazardous coal flotation program.

Developed to deliver a range of productivity and EH&S benefits, Nalco says the new program is compliant with most OH&S requirements.

Under the existing regime, production equipment used in what is deemed a hazardous area and/or including dangerous goods requires a Class 3, Hazardous Materials rating.

According to Nalco , any production equipment used with their new flotation program won’t need a Class 3 rating.

The company says the removal of a Class 3 rating on production equipment, possible under this new program, will deliver savings in equipment and maintenance budgets. It claims it will also deliver substantial savings to the overall operation without jeopardising production targets.

Development and testing work also reveal improved operating stability when using the new flotation program, which includes specially developed frother, collector and promoter compounds.

Higher dose rates of frother, which leads to higher product recovery, are feasible when used in conjunction with Nalco’s new collector or promoter compounds.

These collector and promoter compounds promote contact between coal particles and air bubbles by forming a coating over the particle to be floated, increasing its hydrophobicity, which results in lower moisture content in the fine coal dewatering stage and, ultimately, increased fine coal recovery.

EH&S benefits stemming from the new program include the non-carcinogenic characteristics and benefits of the new compounds, the organic nature of the compounds (compared with the pungent petrochemical odour) and the increased operational safety of the frother, which has a higher flashpoint than more traditional reagents.

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