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Palletising Robot from Nachi Australia

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Nachi  recently completed commissioning a palletiser cell for a New Zealand customer.

A Nachi SH133 robot with a reach of 2.65 m and a payload capacity of 133 kg palletises bags weighing 20 Kg at a rate of 8 bags per minute.

Initially, the option of using vacuum suction to lift the bags was explored. But due to the small thickness of the plastic bags and the need for high speed transportation of the bags, this option was ruled out.

A mechanical gripper was designed which could transport the bags at high speed while keeping it centred with the tool. The gripper had to come with flexible fingers to guide the bags while the bag patter forces it into place and levels it.

Nachi robots come with additional piece of software which simplifies programming for palletising operations.

A backbone program to identify the pick up position and drop off pallet position is all what the programmer has to program as the rest is calculated by the palletise software running in the robot controller.

The operation sequence and peripheral interfacing was handled by the Nachi AX controller’s inbuilt PLC which further reduces the cost of the palletiser cell.

As the teach pendant can also act as an interface panel, Nachi controllers can be installed as a standalone controller, without the need for external control panels.

Simple and complex patterns can be easily programmed using the palletise function. Nachi has setup an exhibition robot for palletising at its automation centre in Hallam.

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