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THE Nachi Servo gun is fast replacing pneumatic spot weld guns due to its numerous advantages like higher weld quality, improved cycle time and lowered costs.

Automatic tip wear compensation assures best weld quality, according to Nachi Australia . Improved synchronisation of the robot and the servo gun reduces cycle time. Unlike pneumatic servo guns, Nachi servo guns are quieter, cleaner and cost less.

In addition, the Servo Gun allows the tips to be brought smoothly into place which not only eliminates distortion of surfaces to be mated, but also reduces burring and spattering by half, while improving the life of electrodes by 30% to 50%.

Features and benefits:

* Programmable stroke control reduces cycle time

* Electrode pressure control assures stable weld pressure

* Electrode position correction automatically compensates for tip wear

* Servo controlled electrode motion reduces noise from tip impacts

* Reduced expulsion and burring yield clean looking weld spots

* Missing metal detection capability

* Gun power stand alone function allows axis power to be separated from the robot for test welding

* Gun changers supported (max. of 32 guns)

* Pressure tuning software function available. (Standard with Nachi Robots)

Nachi robots have in-built WAC (Water, Air and welding cable) track. Features like automatic welding current step up in relation to tip wear, and pressure tuning assure the desired welding pressure is attained.

The servo gun body comes with in-built water track for cooling water circulation. Nachi robots can support multiple servo guns.

Nachi Australia is Australia's sole distributor for Nachi Servo Guns and Nachi Robots.

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