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article image 120 mm ultrasonic wheel probe

NTS Ultrasonics Pty Ltd has recently developed the RL-120 ultrasonic wheel probe in response to requests from several clients, and which will be of interest to organisations engaged in ultrasonic non-destructive testing.

The 120 mm diameter ultrasonic wheel probe is intended for general purpose applications requiring a single ultrasonic transducer in a wheel. The wheel accepts an off-the-shelf 12 mm element immersion style ultrasonic transducer and achieves an internal water path length of 85 mm. Accessories for the wheel probe include an internal beam collimator which increases sensitivity and a manual scanner.

The tyre is made from a rubber with lower ultrasonic attenuation than polyurethane at 5 MHz, and which provides a softer, more complaint contact zone to the work piece. A key advantage of this ultrasonic wheel probe is the compact size compared to the water path length.

Current uses for the RL-120 ultrasonic wheel probe include inspection of rubber products in Australia and an application in a steel mill in the US. Potential applications include conveyor belt inspection, corrosion mapping, thickness testing and flaw detection.

NTS Ultrasonics Pty Ltd can also supply smaller and larger diameter ultrasonic wheel probes.

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