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Double deep Forklifts by NSW Lift Trucks increase storage space

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article image Crown double deep reach truck by NSW Lift Trucks

Warehouse space is an expensive overhead, some times forklifts can cost companies valuable room rather than saving that necessary space. NSW Lift trucks offer some useful alternatives in order to maximise space without comprimising on quality by offering the Crown double deep reach Truck.

Companies can reduce aisles and create more storage area by changing the type of forklift used. If companies are using a counterbalance forklift at present, there are a range of options available to increase warehouse capacity.

1. Change the forkilft presently to a Crown narrow aisle reach truck. These units bring an operating aisle down to as little as 2700mm.
2. Change forklifts currently in use, to a Turret Truck or a swing mast forklift that can operate in aisles as small as 1700mm.
3. Change present forklifts to a Crown double deep reach truck. A double deep reach truck is designed to operate in a 2700mm aisle but the pallet racking is set up in such a way that companies can as much as double  warehouse capacity. Instead of having pallet racking set up the standard rack, aisle, rack, rack, aisle etc, the configuration is rack,rack aisle, rack, rack rack, rack, aisle etc. The Crown double deep reach truck has the ability to reach through the front rack to access the pallet behind.

NSW Lift Trucks have a selection of second hand or used Crown double deep reach trucks a very reasonable prices.

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