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Anti-vibration grommets dampen noise too
20.05.2013 - Keystone Electronics Corp presents a newly developed series of anti-vibration grommets specifically engineered for electrical insulation, mechanical damping and noise suppress
New Keystone miniature SMT test point for PCBs from NPA
25.01.2013 - NPA introduces a new miniature SMT test point recently added by Keystone Electronics Corp. to their test point range.
Keystone’s new surface mount automotive blade fuse clips available from NPA
02.12.2011 - Keystone Electronics Corp. presents a broad range of surface mount automotive blade fuse clips engineered to secure fuses in place even after multiple insertions.
Vertical Entry Lithium Coin Cell Holders available from NPA
10.08.2011 - NPA introduces the new line of Vertical Entry Lithium Coin Cell Holders, from Keystone Electronics Corp, which are ideal for portable medical applications and other electronic devices.
Keystone Electronics Corp’s innovated new miniature screw terminals available from NPA
25.05.2011 - NPA releases the latest miniature screw terminals innovated by Keystone Electronics Corp.
Low Profile SMT Battery Holders from NPA
25.11.2010 - NPA supplies a new line of low profile surface mount battery holders designed by Keystone Electronics Corp. for cylindrical lithium and alkaline batteries.
NPA Supplies New PC Battery Clips for Lithium-Ion Batteries
13.09.2010 - NPA introduces the low profile, thru-hole PC battery clips for Lithium-Ion cells by Keystone Electronics in diameters ranging from 17mm to 19mm.
Keystone's New 2010 Product Supplement from NPA Pvt. Ltd.
22.06.2010 - NPA Pvt. Ltd. offers Keystone's new 2010 Product Supplement published by Keystone Electronics Corp., a major manufacturer of electronic interconnects and hardware.
Surface mount, 2-in-1 auto blade fuse holders now available from NPA
22.01.2010 - Keystone Electronics has expanded its successful series of low insertion force, reliable and compact 2-in-1 THM automotive blade fuse holders, available from NPA, to incorporate surface mount technologies.
Keystone Electronics SMT clips available from NPA
17.12.2008 - Keystone Electronics have developed a new group of low profile clips, which firmly secure inserted batteries and withstand shock and vibration.
Heyco RubberHeyco Rubber Push-In Bumpers available from NPA Push-In Bumpers available from NPA
02.12.2008 - Heyco Products, US based designers and manufacturers of wire protection products and electronic components, have announced the availability of a new line of Rubber Push-In Bumpers for through hole protection. Rubber Push-In Bumpers are available from
Heyco rubber grommets available from NPA
19.09.2008 - NPA offer new Heyco rubber grommets that cover through holes, eliminate sharp edges, chafe or cut wires and add aesthetic value to panel applications.
Keystone Electronics’ new series of test point colours from NPA
28.05.2008 - Keystone Electronics has developed a series of new, additional colours to expand its line of rugged devices which replace wire-wrap posts and turret terminals.
Universal computer brackets from NPA
21.04.2008 - Broad assortments of universal computer brackets, in low profile and standard configurations, are now being offered by Keystone Electronics Corp and are available from NPA.
Industrial, instrumentation and panel control knobs from NPA
27.03.2008 - A wide choice of industrial, instrumentation and panel control knobs designed for a host of standard and custom applications is now available from Keystone Electronics.
New PTFE terminals available from NPA
24.10.2007 - Terminals and pins are manufactured in a variety of configurations for top and bottom mount plus feed-thru mounting on chassis, PCB's and panels.
New auto blade fuse holder available from NPA
27.09.2007 - A new, high reliability and compact PC auto blade fuse holder, designed to accept standard and low profile mini-size fuses and hold them in place after multiple insertions, is now being offered by Keystone Electronics.
Keystone’s new 11.6 Coin Cell Retainer for automated SMT placement from NPA
27.07.2007 - A new, top-loaded, low profile Coin Cell Retainer presented by NPA is suited for high density PCB packaging.
New line of nylon pop rivets now available from NPA
26.07.2007 - NPA South Australia presents a new line of nylon pop rivets that offer an alternative to standard aluminium or steel pop rivets, especially from an aesthetic viewpoint.
Subminiature fuse holders available from NPA
19.03.2007 - Keystone Electronics offers a new series of compact, space-saving holders for subminiature 8.5mm (dia.) fuses, which enable quick and easy fuse changes in high density circuit board applications.
Fuse holders available from NPA
19.03.2007 - The new holders available from NPA feature a unique barrier design to protect leads from arcing.
Low profile AAAA battery clips
24.08.2006 - A NEWLY designed, low profile battery clip for AAAA cells, manufactured by Keystone Electronics and suitable for high density applications, is now available from NPA. The unit is equipped with a "flow-hole" SMT solder tail designed to increase joint
Two-piece anchor rivets
19.01.2006 - MICRO Plastics, represented by NPA, is now offering its two-piece 1/4" all-plastic truss head anchor rivets in standard beige and grey colours. These two-piece rivets are versatile, inexpensive blind fasteners, for solid or hollow materials. Installa
Mini locking PCB supports
01.11.2005 - MICRO Plastics Inc., represented in Australia by NPA Pty Ltd, has introduced new adhesive based mini locking PCB supports. Supports are moulded in a natural coloured nylon 6/6 material. Mini locking supports are ideal for the smaller sized circuit bo
Expanded machine screw selection
26.10.2005 - A new, enlarged group of zinc-plated steel and Nylon machine screws and nuts suited for a variety of fastening applications are now available from Keystone Electronics Corp., represented in Australia
Stackable snap-in Standoffs
24.10.2005 - MICRO Plastics, represented in Australia by NPA Pty Ltd, now offers stackable snap-in Standoffs that are available in #4, #6 and #8 screw sizes. Lengths are available from 1/8" (3.175mm) to 1" (25.4mm). These new Standoffs are moulded in Nylon 6/6 ma
Coloured coded cable ties
22.09.2005 - MICRO Plastics, represented in Australia by NPA Pty Ltd, now offers their 4" (100mm), 8" (203mm) and 11" (280mm) wire ties in red, yellow, blue and green. These coloured ties are excellent for colour coding wire bundles, or in applications where high
Durable PCB and chassis Nylon spacers/supports
22.09.2005 - KEYSTONE Electronics Corp, represented in Australia by NPA Pty Ltd, has released the latest board stacking components including a wide choice of durable, long-lasting Nylon spacers and supports, which either lock-fit, tension-fit or screw mount to a
Nylon fastener 250-page catalogue
02.09.2005 - MICRO Plastics, a leading manufacturer of nylon fasteners, announces the availability of their latest catalogue. Micro's new catalogue #36 is over 250 pages covering an extensive product line that includes thousands of fastener items.
Coved spacers from Micro Plastics
12.08.2005 - MICRO Plastics, represented in Australia by NPA Pty Ltd, has introduced a new product line, the coved spacers. They are molded in a tough resilient natural coloured Nylon 6/6 material that will fit a
Rivets installed without tools
22.07.2005 - MICRO Plastics, represented in Australia by NPA, has added 34 sizes to its Snap Rivets line. The new sizes include 2.1mm to 6.3mm hole diameters, with a panel thickness of 0.6mm to 10.2mm.
Circuit board card guides
01.07.2005 - MICRO Plastics, represented in Australia by NPA, has released a circuit board card guide with both a solid and split leg design. The split leg design makes the insertion to the pane much easier, contributing to a smoother, more efficient assembly pro
Precision-moulded electrical components catalogue
17.06.2005 - HEYCO Products, represented in Australia by NPA, has published its 2005 Solution Selector catalogue, a full-line product catalogue for OEM specifiers, distributors and installers throughout the electrical/electronic industry.
Precision jack screws
17.06.2005 - KEYSTONE Electronics, represented in Australia by NPA, has released Sems jack screws that are manufactured in 7.239mm, 8.8138mm and 16.764mm lengths.
Modular terminal blocks
31.05.2005 - KEYSTONE Electronics, represented in Australia by NPA has released modular terminal blocks for two (part 8728) and three-wire (part 8729) insertion. They are designed to meet PCB, test set and quick-connect requirements.
398mm screw mounting cable tie
05.05.2005 - MICRO Plastics, represented in Australia by NPA, has released a 398mm screw mounting cable tie. Screw mounting ties are used to securely mount a wiring harness to panels or walls.
Easy-to-install power transistor sockets
02.05.2005 - A LINE of low profile, 10-3 power transistor sockets, designed to facilitate installation of JEDEC-TO-3 MPM power transistors by eliminating the need to use insulated bushings, from Keystone Electronics, are available from NPA.
Self-aligning LED spacer mounts
15.02.2005 - KEYSTONE Electronics, represented by NPA, has released a series of self-aligning LED mounts for bi-lead T1 and T1 3/4 LEDs.
Plastic security ties
27.01.2005 - MICRO Plastics, represented by NPA, has announced that the Security Tie is being added to its wire handling line. The Security Tie is used to band mail bags and closed totes to detect tampering. These ties have a 3/8” x 1-3/16” (9.53mm x 30.17mm) mar
Bushings and plugs for thick panels
25.01.2005 - HEYCO bushings and plugs for up to 1/4-inch (6.4mm) thick panels are designed to fit 1/2-inch (12.7mm) to 2-inch (50mm) diameter cable and conduit access holes for electrical and telecommunications cables, tubing, hose, rope and utility lines.
Strain-relief bushing does double duty
05.11.2004 - HEYCO Products, represented by NPA, created the term "Double D" as product specifier or installer shorthand. It refers to a circular electrical housing and chassis mounting and cord opening with two opposing flat surfaces.
Colour-coded screws & PC terminals
07.05.2004 - KEYSTONE Electronics has released colour-coded screws and PC screw terminals. They are available from NPA.
Quality management system
01.03.2004 - Heyco Products has earned an ISO9001:2000 Certificate of Registration for it's quality management system, superceding the company's previous ISO 9000 registration dating from 1994. Their products are available from NPA.
SMT coin cell retainers
23.10.2003 - AUTOMATED, surface mount placement, along with top-loading battery convenience for high density packaging, are among many key features found in an upgraded series of low profile coin cell retainers from Keystone Electronics.
Enlarged instrumentation handles line
24.09.2003 - THE recent expansion of Keystone Electronics instrumentation handle availability is due to the development and use of advanced production technology and support equipment designed by the company. As such, the handles are offered in brass or aluminum,
Surface mount AAA and N battery clips
26.08.2003 - KEYSTONE Electronics, represented by NPA, has introduced a new low-profile battery clip for AAA and N cells. This new clip is especially useful for high density applications. It features a "flow hole" SMT solder tail designed to increase joint streng
Stable, metric PC screw terminals
08.05.2003 - VERTICALLY or horizontally mountable metric-type PC screw terminals are now available from Keystone Electronics, represented by NPA. These new terminals offer an exclusive, anti-rotation, non-rocking design well-suited for high density packaging.
Easy-to-mount PCB fuse clips
20.02.2003 - AN expanded selection of ‘snap-in’ or ‘press-in’ 2AG, 3AG and 5mm PCB mounted fuse clips are being offered by Keystone Electronics Corp. Rated for 6.3 to 15A operation, these cost-saving, low profile clips are available with or without orientation ta
Keystone expands panel hardware assortment
22.01.2003 - KEYSTONE Electronics has expanded its panel hardware product line featuring thumb screws, captive screws and shoulder screws. The thumb screw selection incorporates easy-grasp, easy turn diamond knurled heads and are available in stainless steel, ste
Interconnect components & hardware catalogue
12.12.2002 - TECHNOLOGICAL advances requiring leading-edge interconnect components and hardware can found in the updated catalogue Ml from Keystone Electronics, represented in Australia by NPA. This latest edition includes a diverse selection of new products with
Low-profile lithium coin cell holders
16.10.2002 - A SERIES of holders for quick and easy installation of 2032 lithium coin cells in high-density applications is now available from Keystone Electronics, through NPA. Offered in thru-hole and surface mount versions, these new holders are extremely rugg
Metal fan/finger guards
24.09.2002 - KEYSTONE Electronics has expanded its assortment of metal fan/finger guards to include 40mm and 4½" fan sizes. Available from NPA, these guards, as do all other fan/finger guards in the Keystone line, meet the ‘quarter-inch UL plug gauge test’.
Quick twist conduit and tubing connectors
25.06.2002 - HEYCO Products has introduced its new line of conduit and tubing connectors, the Quick Twist, offering a one-piece, cost-effective way to safely and securely mate electrical conduit or tubing to junction boxes and motor housings for a wide array of e
USB plugs and sockets
30.05.2002 - KEYSTONE Electronics offers universal serial bus sockets, available from NPA, featuring snap-in solder tails that hold the connector in position during wave soldering. Solder tails are tin lead-plated for excellent solderability. Gold plated contacts
Electrical components catalogue debut
23.04.2002 - NPA has announced publication and availability of the Solutions Selector 102 Catalogue from Heyco Products - a major new full-line product catalogue for OEM specifiers, distributors and installers in the electrical industry.
Compact SMT battery retainer
21.03.2002 - KEYSTONE Electronics has added a new low-profile coin cell retainer for 2450 coin cells to round out its full line of battery retainers. It measures .230" (5.84mm) high, by 1.0" (25.4mm) deep, and 1.385" (35.18mm) wide, including mounting tabs.
Fast turnaround on instrumentation handles
23.01.2002 - IN response to the increasing demand for instrumentation handles, Keystone Electronics has designed and built specialty equipment to expand and hasten its ability to efficiently and competitively manufacture handles.
Low voltage halogen lamp sockets
24.10.2001 - KEYSTONE Electronics Corporation offers two low-voltage, low-profile, mini halogen lamp sockets that accept 0.56mm-0.81mm diameter pins or leads. Both sockets are easy to mount, easy to connect, and easy to string, making them suitable for any number
Surface mount clips for mini blade fuses
26.09.2001 - Keystone Electronics has introduced a new PC automotive blade fuse clip. The SMT fuse clip is a vertical design with a low profile to save space, yet holds the fuse securely, even after multiple insertions. Thru-hole mount version is also available.
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