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Highly Durable - Our gels are highly resistant to ozone, UV Rays and chemicals, making them ideal for a large range of diverse applications.

Consistent Performance - Even in extreme conditions (-40°C to 200°C) the gels provide stable performance.

Safe - the gels are non-toxic, non-allergenic and emit no harmful gasses when burned.


  • Excellent vibration dampening qualities for loads 2Kg - 300Kg
  • Ideal for low frequency and micro vibration due to resonance point designed to be set low.

There are many types of vibration dampeners to choose from including:

Type BG

  • Supported by a spring, type BG is effective for vertical vibration damping.

Type SF

  • For applications where a bottom plate is preferred instead of a bolt.

Type SF (Rubber Coated)

  • For applications where a bottom plate is preferable and there is a need for damping heavy-load vibration.
  • Good for outdoor use due to reinforced durability deriving from Gel wrapped by bellows-type EPDM rubber.
  • Stable performance in the -20°C to 90°C range.


  • Designed to damp tiny-to-light-load and micro vibration.
  • Effective for minimizing horizontal drift, using a bolt running through Gel Bush.
  • Along with its shock absorbing capability, Gel Bush is ideal for light and fragile objects including PCBs (printed circuit boards).
  • Available for loads from 0.2 kg to 32 kg with 4 points of support.


  • Add more or divide SN Sheet flexibly for a wide range of load requirements.
  • Just place it under the device. Removable anytime.
  • Stable with small resonance magnification and little horizontal distortion.


  • Simple and easy solution for vibration isolation and shock absorption with adhesive on one side.
  • Wide selection to choose from based on width and thickness.
  • Very easy and effective solution for shock absorption and vibration damping where no space is allowed for insulators or bushes.
  • Wide temperature range from -40°C to 100°C.


  • Lightweight and highly durable foamed type.
  • With low compression set, performance of NP Gel is maintained even after repeated compression.
  • Highly flame retardant and operable in the -40°C to 200°C range.
  • Good for outdoor use because it is highly resistant to weather and ozone.


  • Gel Sheets are used for thermal conductivity, electromagnetic absorption and electric insulation.
  • Soft, sticky and conformable, Gel Sheets often exhibit performance much better than expected due to close contact.
  • Gel Sheets and Paste adhere to rough surfaces where it’s possible to eliminate air gaps.

The range of gel products that are available is extensive. If you are interested in trying any of our new gel products, please don't hesitate to contact us for detailed specifications and to explore the best gel to suit your application. 

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