Expandable Sleeving Incl Heat Resist & EMI Shielding from NPA


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Expandable sleeving from NPA to suit a variety of applications and conditions. Some of it can really take the heat! See details below.


This copper foil shielded sleeving is woven with a copper foil monofilament and is used in different electrical and industrial fields where EMI shielding is required. The copper foil sleeving provides excellent protection and features lightweight properties. It is lighter and more flexible than tinned copper braided sleeving, making it a great combination of economy and durability.

Applications: The copper foil shielded sleeving is used in communication systems, electronic medical equipment, and military equipment.


This polyester expandable braided sleeving is flame-retardant and halogen-free. It offers durable abrasion resistance in a wide range of industrial applications.

The open weave construction allows an easy installation on a bundle of hoses and cables, even if some with bulky or large connectors. A totally expanded sleeving can reach 1.5 times than the initial dimension. It can operate at a temperature of -50℃ to +150℃ with a melting point from 240±10℃. The unit meets the standards of UL, ROHS, PFOS, and REACH.

Applications: It is used for covering cables, wire harnesses, tubes, industrial hoses where they require additional protection.


The PPS expandable braided sleeving is made from Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) monofilament UL94 V-0. It is commonly used in high temperature environments and is known for its resistance to chemicals and abrasion, high temperature stability, low moisture absorption, and excellent dimensional stability.

Applications: It is commonly used in the automotive, railway, aerospace, telecom and military industries where high flame and temperature resistance are required.


Self-closing braided wrap offers an innovative solution to the protection of breakout areas and also provides ease of removal when inspection or maintenance of cables is required. The special open structure allows it to be installed after other components, for example copper terminals and connectors.

It provides excellent abrasion and flame resistance.

Applications: Wire harness, automatic equipment, railways, general manufacturing industry where wires and tubes need a tough and durable protection.


Our Velcro Braided Wrap helps keep an environment clean and organized by bundling cords and cables together. It can be easily wrapped over the cables, and re-opening is quick and easy for cable addition or removal. Breakouts can be created simply by drawing the cable through the Velcro.

Applications: Velcro braided wrap is widely used for the management of A/V cables and power cords in home theatres, computers, TV stands and other common cord applications.

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