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Compact SMT battery retainer

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article image Keystone’s SMT coin cell battery retainer.

KEYSTONE Electronics has added a new low-profile coin cell retainer for 2450 coin cells to round out its full line of battery retainers. It measures .230" (5.84mm) high, by 1.0" (25.4mm) deep, and 1.385" (35.18mm) wide, including mounting tabs.

This low-profile retainer is designed specifically for high-density SMT applications and features a "flow hole" solder tail that increases joint strength and remains viewable for easy and reliable joint inspection.

The dual spring contacts assure low contact resistance and are designed to hold the cell securely to withstand shock and vibration.

For ease of use and safety, polarity is clearly marked. Keystone's retainers are balanced and lightweight for reliable pick-up and placement and are compatible for use with vacuum and mechanical pick-and-place assembly mechanisms.

Retainers are manufactured using .010" (.25mm) nickel-plated phosphor bronze and are available in loose piece and on tape and reel with 250 pieces per 13.0 inch reel. The carrier tape is polystyrene that meets ANSI/EIA-481 standards, 56mm wide with parts mounted on a 32mm pitch.

Keystone's full line of battery hardware for SMT and thru-hole applications includes clips, contacts, holders, retainers, and straps for a wide variety of cell sizes and materials.

Keystone Electronics Corporation offers a comprehensive line of interconnect hardware and components, as well as stamping, machining, and assembly services. For modifications and special designs, Keystone also offers application-engineering services. NPA 08 82682733.

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