NORD Drivesystems News

Small motors added to NORD’s IE3 premium efficiency range
05.03.2018 - NORD Drivesystems has expanded their IE3 premium efficiency motor range with the addition of smaller motor powers.
NORD’s nsd tupH aluminium drives for the food industry
01.03.2018 - New nsd tupH drives introduced by NORD Drivesystems are meeting the strict compliance requirements of the food industry.
MAXXDRIVE helical gear units for extreme environments
13.02.2018 - NORD Drivesystems offers a broad range of trusted gear units for various industries and applications.
NORD showcases new 2-stage helical bevel gearboxes at Drives & Controls 2016
02.11.2016 - NORD Drivesystems showcased their series of slim two-stage helical bevel gearboxes at the Drives & Controls exhibition held at the NEC in Birmingham, UK.
NORD’s new industrial gear units with 190 kNm output torque
01.11.2016 - NORD Drivesystems has added a new size with 190 kNm output torque to their successful industrial gear units range.
NORD’s new single-stage helical inline gears for pumps, fans and mixers
31.10.2016 - NORD Drivesystems announces the release of a robust range of single-stage helical inline gearboxes in a NORDBLOC.1 light alloy case.
NORD 4.0 READY: Drive technology for automated production in the age of IIoT
01.02.2016 - NORD Drivesystems announces the release of the label ‘NORD 4.0 READY’, providing scalable electrical drive systems and software.
Case Study: NORD develops seawater-resistant drive systems for seafood factory conveyors
23.07.2015 - NORD Drivesystems has introduced an innovative surface treatment to toughen drive systems to be resilient and seawater-resistant.
NORD celebrates half a century at Hannover Messe 2015
12.06.2015 - NORD Drivesystems showcased their proven drive solutions at the Hannover Messe fair this year.
NORD exhibits tailor-made motors for diverse applications at Hannover Messe
24.04.2015 - NORD Drivesystems showcased a broad range of motors in various configurations at the Hannover Messe 2015 exhibition.
NORD drives pass series of tests according to EN 50598-2
20.04.2015 - NORD Drivesystems is performing tests and numerical analyses for drive components and systems manufactured in-house.
NORD drive controllers featuring integrated PLC for smarter solutions
16.04.2015 - Frequency inverters from NORD Drivesystems combined with geared motors deliver a complete intelligent system solution with the integrated PLC.
NORD releases drives for greater servo dynamics and precision
04.03.2015 - Standard asynchronous motors and IE4 synchronous motors can deliver servo level dynamics and agility when teamed with advanced inverter electronics.
NORD increases resilience of drives with nsd tupH sealed surface conversion system
18.02.2015 - Drives manufactured by NORD Drivesystems deliver permanent corrosion resistance by means of the nsd tupH sealed surface conversion system.
Drive systems show their sweet side
06.01.2015 - Many steps are necessary to make chocolate from cocoa beans. Ingredients remain in near-continuous motion for days requiring reliable drive systems.
Nord releases customised solution for crane drive synchronisation
22.10.2014 - NORD Drivesystems delivered a customised solution to enable an Australian overhead crane supplier meet the specific needs of their customer.
NORD showcases its latest drives at Cemtech Europe
22.09.2014 - NORD Drivesystems is exhibiting a range of drive products and concepts for the cement industry at the upcoming Cemtech Europe Conference and Exhibition.
NORD relaunches its website
09.07.2014 - NORD Drivesystems announces the launch of its new and improved website featuring a responsive design that allows access on mobile devices.
NZ meat processor chooses NORD helical bevel gearbox to increase reliability and extend service life
01.07.2014 - A helical bevel gearbox package from NORD Drivesystems was installed at a leading New Zealand-based meat processing plant that sought to reduce downtime.
New NORD microsite for food and beverage drive technology is optimised for mobile devices
30.06.2014 - NORD Drivesystems has optimised its microsite for drive technologies designed specifically to fulfil hygiene requirements in food and beverage industries.
NORD strengthens partnership with Indian steel industry
26.06.2014 - NORD Drivesystems has strengthened its presence in the Indian steel industry, meeting nearly half of the geared motors requirement in the last year alone.
Nord launches intelligent pump and conveyor drive units
08.05.2014 - NORD Drivesystems has introduced a new range of efficient drive units for dynamic speed control and automatic process control.
NORD releases energy efficient distributed pump drives
20.01.2014 - NORD Drivesystems introduces energy-efficient distributed pump drive solutions designed for a wide performance range up to 22 kW.
Nord launches new wear-free motor mounted soft starters
09.01.2014 - NORD Drivesystems presents a new range of motor-mounted starters offering an extended performance range.
NORD launches new frequency inverters
13.12.2013 - NORD Drivesystems has introduced a new range of distributed frequency inverters to complement the SK 200E line of frequency inverters.
NORD’s geared motor drive package increases reliability, service life and power savings for NZ meat processor
28.08.2013 - Leading gear manufacturer, NORD Drivesystems provided the geared motor drive package for the conveyor upgrade at an Alliance Group processing facility in Dannevirke, Hawkes Bay, NZ.
NORD geared motors and frequency inverters assist with reliable cleaning of New York’s iconic Beekman Tower
18.06.2013 - Geared motors and frequency inverters from NORD Drivesystems were used by Spanish company GinD to develop a gondola for maintaining the facade of Manhattan’s Beekman Tower.
New SK 180E distributed frequency inverters from NORD Drivesystems
17.06.2013 - NORD Drivesystems introduces the new SK 180E distributed frequency inverters to complement the SK 200E line of frequency inverters.
Compact industrial gears demonstrated at AIMEX
14.06.2013 - NORD Drivesystems will spotlight its newest range of compact NORD Industrial Gear Units (IGU) on Stand 1711 at AIMEX.
New NORD SMI series worm gear units - compact, durable and robust
14.06.2013 - NORD Drivesystems introduces a new range of worm gear units in a robust, one-piece Unicase housing.
Russia’s industry needs efficient drive solutions
13.06.2013 - Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel stopped by the booth of German drive manufacturer NORD Drivesystems on their tour of select exhibitors after jointly opening the 2013 Hannover Messe.
Powerful drives for modern brew houses
06.06.2013 - After 40 years and 25 million hectoliters of beer, European brewer Forst decided that it was time to modernise its energy usage and meet its carbon emission responsibilities.
Case Study: Installing matched cranes for a trailer manufacturer
24.05.2013 - Melbourne-based overhead crane manufacturer Modular Cranes, were presented with an unusual problem.
NORD’s lightweight, hygienic helical bevel gear units offer clean drive solutions for food industry
23.04.2013 - NORD Drivesystems supplies aluminium two-stage helical bevel gear units for hygienically demanding applications.
New appointment by NORD Drivesystems AU
16.04.2013 - NORD Drivesystems AU announces the appointment of Mr John Thain as their new Regional Sales Manager for New South Wales and the ACT.
NORD supplies robust geared motors for steel mills
26.02.2013 - NORD Drivesystems meets the needs of the steel industry with the supply of TENV and TEFC motors as well as resilient gearboxes designed for harsh environments.
NORD microsite for hygienic drive solutions now optimised for mobile use
25.02.2013 - NORD Drivesystems presents a unique microsite featuring drive solutions for the food and beverage industries.
NORD geared motors with a smart head for positioning tasks
21.02.2013 - NORD Drivesystems equips its SK 200E inverters with the same wide functional range as the centralised SK 500E series of cabinet-installed inverters.
Brewer reduces primary energy consumption by 30 per cent with the help of NORD drives
12.02.2013 - NORD Drivesystems has supplied a sophisticated system of drives and drive units for a newly built Forst brewery, helping the European beer producer to cut energy consumption.
Nord Drivesystems provides solution for synchronisation of drives for overhead cranes
10.01.2013 - Overhead crane manufacturer Modular Cranes were recently presented with an unusual problem to solve for one of their customers, Nord Drivesystems had the answer.
NORD SK 200E distributed frequency inverters with Safe Stop functionality
28.09.2012 - The SK 200E inverter series from NORD Drivesystems provides certified safety technology for applications up to SIL3.
Intelligent drive selection: Integrated drive electronics or centralised drive technology
14.09.2012 - Mains-connected drives have been increasingly giving way to more efficient and flexible alternatives such as combinations of geared motors with frequency inverters.
New engineering appointment for NORD Drivesystems AU
17.08.2012 - Mr Craig Robinson has been appointed to the newly created role of National Industry Sector Manager – Mining at NORD Drivesystems AU.
New SK 200E distributed inverters from NORD cover universal application range
24.07.2012 - NORD Drivesystems introduces a new range of frequency inverters designed for universal application within a distributed automation concept.
NORD’s expanded ranges of motors, gearboxes and inverters
27.06.2012 - NORD Drivesystems has responded to the increasingly demanding energy saving regulations for motors with the introduction of IE4 systems from 0.55 to 7.5 kW in motor sizes.
Energy efficient drive systems from NORD
26.06.2012 - NORD Drivesystems offers an energy-efficient range of drive systems including gearboxes, motors and frequency inverters for industrial environments.
Innovations in all segments
25.06.2012 - Jutta Humbert and Mark Alexander, Managing Directors at NORD Drivesystems speak about current innovations and outline the group’s strategy for 2012 in a special interview.
NORD Drivesystems provides efficient drive technology solutions for an optimal energy budget
12.06.2012 - NORD Drivesystems offer energy efficient drive solutions so that customers can focus on driving down their energy consumption.
Nord Drivesystems install stainless steel coating systems
08.06.2012 - Nord Drivesystems has upgraded its paint facility by introducing heavy duty stainless steel coating systems
NORD Drivesystems supplies 5,300 geared motors for thermal solar plant in Spain
05.06.2012 - NORD Drivesystems has supplied 5,300 geared motors for a solar thermal installation in Spain.
NORD Drivesystems extends its SK 200E family of decentralised drive solutions
01.06.2012 - NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has extended its SK 200E family of decentralised drive solutions with a new size 4 inverter with a rated power output from 11 to 22kW.
NORD Drivesystems announces new intelligent control cabinet inverters
31.05.2012 - The SK 540E from NORD Drivesystems is designed for functionality and dynamic drive applications.
NORD drive solutions for the food sector
30.05.2012 - NORD Drivesystems introduces a new range of drive technology innovations for high hygiene applications in the food industry.
NORD Drivesystems’ SK 535-type frequency inverters installed at Theater Duisburg for new drive technology
21.05.2012 - SK 535-type frequency inverters from NORD Drivesystems were fitted along with stage drives within customised enclosures.
German made, washdown two stage helical bevel gearboxes from NORD Drivesystems on show at Australia’s largest manufacturing expo
10.05.2012 - NORD Drivesystems' new two-stage helical bevel gearboxes were on display at National Manufacturing Week from 8-11th May at Sydney Olympic Park.
IP66 electromagnetic brakes from NORD Drivesystems
23.04.2012 - NORD Drivesystems now supply electromagnetic brakes with improved IP protection ratings.
The IEC attempt to globally unify electric motor efficiency classes
20.04.2012 - The IEC has developed standardised regulations that propose to unify electric motor efficiency classes worldwide.
NORD Drivesystems AU invests in local production
19.04.2012 - NORD Drivesystems AU recently commissioned their new paint facility at their Derrimut, Victoria site.
SK 200E series frequency inverters from NORD Drivesystems
10.04.2012 - The SK 200E series frequency inverters available from NORD Drivesystems for distributed applications enable precise configuration, keeping costs under control with optional modules.
NORD’s IEC electric motor adaptors enable innovative cost savings during electric motor replacements
08.03.2012 - IEC electric motor adaptors from NORD Drivesystems are designed to allow electric motor component replacements without removing the entire geared motor assembly from the production line.
NORD drive solutions for the food industry
06.03.2012 - NORD Drivesystems presents a range of drive solutions for high hygiene applications in the food industry.
Thousands of NORD geared motors ensure quick turnaround at Frankfurt’s hub airport
28.02.2012 - The extensive baggage handling system in the new pier at Frankfurt Airport supplied by the BEUMER Group is driven by geared motors from NORD Drivesystems.
Aluminium replaces stainless steel in NORD washdown gear units and special surfaces for hygienic drive solutions
27.02.2012 - NORD Drivesystems introduces a new range of washdown-optimised two-stage helical bevel gear units for hygienic drive solutions in the food and pharmaceutical industries.
Global Standards Set for Motor Efficiency
23.02.2012 - The IEC has created new standards which have been put in place to harmonize electric motor efficiency classes throughout the world, the new IEC 60034-30:2008 replaces all differing national systems.
NORD Drivesystems AU invests in local production
22.02.2012 - NORD Drivesystems AU, the 100% owned subsidiary of Getriebebau NORD GmbH & Co KG based in Bargteheide, Germany, have recently commissioned their new paint facility at their Derrimut, Victoria site.
NORD IEC standard electric motors with IE2 efficiency
21.02.2012 - NORD Drivesystems, the Australian subsidiary of major helical geared motor manufacturer, Getriebebau NORD Gmbh & Co KG has introduced IEC standard electric motors to the Australian market.
NORD electromagnetic brakes with IP66 protection
20.02.2012 - German made electromagnetic brakes from NORD Drivesystems come with improved IP protection ratings to suit harsh environmental conditions.
Industrial gear units from NORD Drivesystems for conveyor belts and bucket elevators
26.10.2011 - NORD Drivesystems presents a range of industrial gear units for conveyor and bulk materials handling applications.
NORDAC SK 700E modular high-performance inverters from NORD Drivesystems
21.10.2011 - NORD Drivesystems presents the NORDAC SK 700E frequency inverters designed for a power range of 1.5 kW - 160 kW.
NORD SK 500E modular frequency inverters
20.10.2011 - NORD Drivesystems presents the SK 500E series of modular frequency inverters with suitability for all application areas.
NORDBLOC.1 gear units from NORD Drivesystems
19.10.2011 - NORD Drivesystems presents the NORDBLOC.1 gear units featuring generously dimensioned output bearings.
Industrial gear units from NORD Drivesystems
18.10.2011 - NORD Drivesystems manufactures modular industrial gear units with an output torque of 229,000 Nm in a one-piece unicase housing.
Powerful NORD geared motors drive solar tracking systems at solar park
24.08.2011 - Powerful worm gears from NORD Drivesystems are employed by Solarpark Rodenäs GmbH of Germany to drive their tracking systems for solar panels.
Flexbloc Worm Speed Reducers/Gear Motors from NORD Drivesystems
10.08.2011 - NORD Drivesystems presents the Flexbloc Worm Speed Reducers/Gear Motors with right angle configuration and up to 88% typical efficiency.
Nord Drivesystems release SK 200E systems
25.05.2009 - Nord Drivesystems have released the SK 200E system that enables a range of decentralised drive technology solutions. The SK 200E system is suitable for extensive plants such as conveyors. Similar to t
Industrial gear units available from Nord Drivesystems
22.05.2009 - Nord Drivesystems’ industrial gear units have been developed according to the unicase housing principle. The unicase is a one-piece housing, into which all the bearings are integrated. The finishing o
Unicase housings from Getriebebau NORD Drivesystems
21.05.2009 - Unicase housing, from Getriebebau NORD Drivesystems, is a single housing block in which all bearing points are integrated. No sealing faces are subjected to torque or lateral forces caused by flanges
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