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SK 180E: New distributed frequency inverters from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS

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Complementing the SK 200E line of frequency inverters, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS introduces the SK 180E which is mounted on asynchronous motors, just like its larger counterparts.

Featuring proven ISD vector control, the SK 180E is even more cost-effective than the currently available range of decentralized units. The new inverter focuses on the core requirements of speed control and efficiency. Featuring two analog inputs and integrated process and PI controller functions, it can autonomously manage simple drive applications. 

It is suitable both for stand-alone variable frequency drives and for synchronized operation with several units. A typical example of the latter: distributed horizontal conveying applications requiring no positioning or encoder feedback, no special safety functions or braking resistors, and with motor power outputs from 0.25 to 2.2 kW.

The SK 180E also contains all necessary functions for many fan and pump applications. Here, it can save up to 30 % energy by automatic magnetization adjustment under partial load. Providing class C1 radio interference suppression and a discharge current below 16 mA, the SK 180E can even be operated in residential and business buildings in nearly every country in the world. 

For use in mobile pumps, shredders, or mixers, variable frequency drives are available complete with a conventional mains plug. The drives have typical overload reserves of 150 % for 60 seconds and briefly even up to 200 %. All distributed drive electronics from NORD follow the same simple and versatile operation concept: they can be programmed directly, by means of parameter boxes, or via computer using the free-of-charge NORD CON software. Parameters can be quickly exported to other devices using the internal system bus or Ethernet interfaces.

In addition to the SK 180E and the SK 200E, which can also control diagonal and vertical conveying tasks with safety requirements up to SIL3, NORD’s decentralized solutions also include the very economic new SK 135E soft and reverse starter which can carry out simple switching tasks in logistics and conveying.

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