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NORD Drivesystems presents the NORDBLOC.1 gear units featuring generously dimensioned output bearings.

Conventional designs have support bearings for different shafts located in the same plane, greatly restricting the physical size of the bearings.

NORDBLOC.1 gears feature an innovative design known as staggered bearing topology developed specifically to accommodate the larger bearings.

The bearings of the output and pinion shafts in NORDBLOC.1 gear units are much larger than those used in comparable units in the market. An important feature of the design is the large axial distances between the output bearings that also increase the overall bearing system capacity.

The consequent increase in the internal shaft diameters also increases the shaft strength. The unit does not have the usual additional assembly openings, resulting in a much stronger housing.

NORD provides gear unit ventilation for all installation orientations and sizes as the pressure in the gear unit can affect the seals in the unit. The vents increase the life of the seals as there is no excessive pressure.

The smooth gear housing surface of the new NORDBLOC.1 units prevents the deposit of liquids or solids on the units, which is especially beneficial in applications where cleanliness is important.

The gear unit design without any assembly openings increases strength and also provides a smoother surface. No rubberised bore plugs are used, which provides a smoother, more uniform surface, greater strength and increased sealing integrity.

Key features of NORDBLOC.1 gear units:

  • Large dimension bearings 
  • Staggered bearing topology 
  • Longer bearing life 
  • Higher transverse forces possible 
  • Higher axial forces possible 
  • No additional assembly openings and sealing cap necessary 
  • Gear unit ventilation provided for all installation orientations and sizes, allowing operation without pressure 
  • Smooth gear housing surface prevents deposit of liquids or solids on the units

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