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NORD drive solutions for the food sector

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article image NSD tupH drive offers the optimal solution for applications with stringent hygiene requirements
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NORD Drivesystems  introduces a new range of drive technology innovations for high hygiene applications in the food industry.
NORD presents a new family of two-stage helical bevel gearboxes designed for easy and residue-free cleaning. Key features include die-cast aluminium construction to resist corrosion far better than steel models, washdown gear units with no indentations or dead spaces for dirt or liquids to accumulate, smooth surfaces for cleaning liquids to easily wash off in all installation positions as well as the ability to withstand frequent intense, aggressive cleaning with acids and alkaline solutions.
NORD’s new drive solutions are available in five sizes with torques between 90 and 660 Nm. All helical bevel gearbox models are available as an open, especially lightweight version or enclosed.
NORD also introduces NSD tupH, a sealed surface conversion system that makes aluminium drives as robust as their stainless steel counterparts and is a thousand times as durable as anti-corrosion paints. Combined with stainless steel standard parts, stainless steel output shafts and food grade lubricants, NSD tupH drives are the optimal solution for applications with stringent hygiene requirements.
Drawing on its extensive range of high-performance and efficient drive technology for the food industry, NORD realises a variety of solutions for pumping, mixing, cooling, transporting and packaging food articles including custom-manufacturing industrial gear units for a brewery application.
The product range comprises of hygienic, reliable wet cell versions of geared motors with special feature modifications including extended temperature operation, protective finishes and special lubricants.
The versatile line of SK 200E frequency inverters for distributed installation, which have proven themselves in many applications, includes four sizes from 0.25 to 22 kW with the devices having the ability to adapt to a diverse range of requirements.
Options include AS-Interface and the safety function ‘Safe Torque Off’. Special variants for pump operation feature two analogue inputs that allow for variable speed adjustment and can actively and autonomously control process values. The cost-efficient SK 200E inverter series also includes special variants suitable for conveyor applications.

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