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NORD Drivesystems provides efficient drive technology solutions for an optimal energy budget

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According to NORD Drivesystems , substantial savings is not achieved with a single product, rather by taking an overall view which includes electric motor, gear system, and drive electronics.

NORD Drivesystems believe that only an optimally matched system can guarantee an efficient drive package.

Ways to drive down energy consumption
  • Skillful use of energy: Consider how much energy existing drive systems convert into heat, and the what proportion can be recovered.
  • Higher efficiency with DC networks: The efficiency of a system can be increased even further where all the drives are linked to form a DC network, the generated energy is supplied directly to other drive units.
  • Automatic flux optimisation: NORD SK200E de-centralised and SK500E cabinet mounted frequency inverters save resources by automatically reducing the flux as soon as the electric motor is only operating at a partial load, and this provides customers with a further opportunity to save energy and running costs.
  • Increased efficiency in 87Hz operation: Exploit in full all possibilities for energy savings. An example of this is the option of operating asynchronous electric motors with an output frequency which is higher than that of the mains in order to increase efficiency.
  • Efficiency optimised electric motors: Have a well thought out approach for the drive electronics and mechanics. Power density can be increased by using an optimised synchronous electric motor with high quality permanent magnets in the rotor.
  • IE2 energy saving electric motor with aluminium in the rotor: NORD IE2 electric motors comply or exceed the AS/NZS 1359.5 efficiency standard.
  • IE3 energy saving electric motor with copper in the rotor: The specific conductivity of copper is approximately 60% greater than that of aluminium. By using copper as the conductor material for the squirrel cage instead of aluminium, rotor losses are considerably reduced.
  • Energy savings through gearbox selection: Energy savings can be made by selecting the correct type of gear set and type of gearbox. Many gearbox selections are made on price criteria only, and do not consider the cost of energy to run these gearboxes.

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