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article image NORD manufactures enhanced-efficiency motors complying with current energy-saving regulations
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Jutta Humbert and Mark Alexander, Managing Directors at NORD Drivesystems speak about current innovations and outline the group’s strategy for 2012 in a special interview.

On the subject of the organisation’s strategy to make an impact in the drive market in 2012, Ms Humbert explained that strategic company planning and branding would be implemented so that the company could continue to strengthen and expand their global presence. Additionally, NORD Drivesystems’ growth would be boosted with the introduction of new technological innovations in all segments of the product portfolio.

According to Mark Alexander, the ongoing expansion of NORD’s electronics range would be a key priority this year with the addition of new, higher-performance models in the control cabinet inverter range as well as distributed systems. The company would also focus on new solutions to meet the increasing energy savings regulations for motors in all markets.

NORD Drivesystems is now supplying IE4 systems with power ratings up to 7.5 kW while smaller models from their successful line of industrial gear units have been announced in the gearbox division.

Jutta Humbert also explained the importance of using ‘NORD Drivesystems’ as an international umbrella brand for their group of companies to communicate their key competence as a global full-range supplier consistently and more recognisably than was previously possible.

Commenting on the company’s growth, Ms Humbert said that gross sales of NORD Drivesystems last year approximated 412 million euros, starting from 151 million euros in 2000. The company manufactures everything from pinions to windings and circuit boards in their own factories while setting technological milestones with innovations such as the latest generation of aluminium NORDBLOC gears.

Responding to a question on NORD Drivesystems’ product innovations, Mr Alexander spoke about the SK 200E family of distributed inverters, one of the most recent additions to their frequency inverter program, which now boasts models with up to 22 kW output. SK 500E cabinet inverter models are available up to size 10 for up to 132 kW. The top-of-the-line SK 540E inverter, another addition in the series supports the free programming of drive-related functions according to IEC 61131.

Mark Alexander also spoke about the energy-saving size 80 to 100 IE4 motors with a 0.55 to 7.5 kW output. The company also supplies IE3 motors up to size 180 in addition to ATEX versions of the IE2 motors for the same size 80 to 180 range.

Ms Humbert also cleared the air on the relevance of the original NORD gearbox segment in the face of innovations in the electronics and motor divisions, saying that the gearboxes with the reliably high quality remained their core competence.

She also explained that the industrial gearboxes were in so much demand because they provided a special combination of useful advantages including multiple upgrade options to suit various applications, standard enclosure per size covering the entire range of transmission ratios as well as short delivery times for customised versions anywhere in the world.

Mr Alexander also spoke about the hygienic systems developed for the food industry by NORD Drivesystems. NORD’s new two-stage helical bevel gear units are washdown gear units that complement their successful NORDBLOC.1 gearbox series. Cleaning liquids can be easily washed off in all installation positions since all external surfaces have been designed with wide radii and the overall construction has no indentations or dead spaces. These robust gear units are available in five frame sizes with torques ranging from 90 to 660 Nm.

About the introduction of new gearbox innovations in 2012, Mark Alexander said that their worm gear units have been revised with modifications including improved casing design and smooth surfaces on the gearboxes to enable optimal and particularly easy cleaning.

He also mentioned the NSD tupH technology that involves using a catalytic process to make the surfaces of aluminium gear cases about seven times harder than before, endowing them with characteristics comparable to stainless steel.

NORD offers the NSD tupH treatment for a very broad range of products, enabling customers to have a practically free choice of gear units as long as they are aluminium models. Being lightweight, this solution enables the basic material to weigh significantly less than steel, which is a further advantage. Also, unlike coated surfaces, the NSD tupH treated surfaces are scratch-proof, very resistant, and do not corrode.

NORD Drivesystems produces drive units, electric motors, frequency inverters and servo controllers.

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