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Energy efficient drive systems from NORD

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article image Integrated energy saving concepts from NORD include UNICASE gearboxes, IE2 motors and drive electronics
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NORD Drivesystems  offers an energy-efficient range of drive systems including gearboxes, motors and frequency inverters for industrial environments.

More than two-thirds of energy consumed in industrial applications goes into the operation of electric drive technology. Since an electric motor’s energy consumption makes up about 98% of its total cost of ownership, investment in efficient drive technology is more than worthwhile.

NORD’s Unicase gearboxes with regenerative breaking, IE2 motors and frequency inverters that automatically reduce magnetisation when the motor is operated under partial load, together reduce energy consumption by a half compared to previous solutions.

NORD Drivesystems has many years of experience in developing efficient drive technology and customised energy saving concepts by optimising materials and the design of its electric motors in addition to employing technologies such as high-frequency operation, automatic magnetisation adjustment, energy recovery and intermediate circuit coupling.

Regenerative braking

Conventional frequency inverter applications discharge the braking energy as heat with more efficient and eco-friendly drives reusing this excess energy via intermediate circuits or regenerative braking to reduce the power drawn from the mains supply.

Intelligent control during partial load operation

For asynchronous motors, frequency inverters generally maintain the magnetic flux level required for yielding the full torque over the whole speed range, causing unnecessary losses during partial load operation. NORD’s SK 200E, SK 500E and SK 700E-type frequency inverters can save resources by automatically reducing magnetisation when the motor is operated under partial load, resulting in potential energy savings of up to 30%.

IE2 motors for energy-saving drive solutions

NORD uses more active material in the stator and higher quality sheet metal for its new range of IE2 motors to help reduce losses. An increased copper filling factor and a reduction in the size of the coil cores not only result in increased efficiency, but also in reduction of waste heat and a prolonged service life for the drive technology. Additionally, greater power reserves allow for the use of smaller motors in many applications.

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