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Aluminium replaces stainless steel in NORD washdown gear units and special surfaces for hygienic drive solutions

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article image NORD's new two-stage helical bevel gear units can be easily cleaned in any installation position
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NORD Drivesystems  introduces a new range of washdown-optimised two-stage helical bevel gear units for hygienic drive solutions in the food and pharmaceutical industries.  

Hygienic design is a necessity for machines and plants in the food and beverage industry as well as in pharmaceutical production. Periodical cleaning and sterilisation, usually carried out during the process, are key hygiene requirements, which increase the demands on the drive technology used in production facilities.  

Drive manufacturer NORD Drivesystems presents new developments such as a special surface treatment and a new series of washdown helical bevel gearboxes to provide technically and economically attractive solutions for machine builders and users.  

A provider of oil-tight wet cell versions of geared motors, NORD Drivesystems now offers special feature modifications in its complete product range including extended temperature range operation, protective finishes, and special lubricants.  

The new washdown-optimised two-stage helical bevel gear units from NORD are designed to withstand frequent intense, aggressive cleaning processes including chemical cleaning treatments used in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, thanks to an innovative NSD tupH surface treatment.    

Key features of NORD helical bevel gear units:  

  • Gear unit housings manufactured from die-cast aluminium resist corrosion considerably better than steel models
  • Suitable for use with acids and alkaline solutions
  • Wide radii in all external surfaces allow cleaning liquids to wash off easily in all installation positions
  • No indentations or dead spaces
  • Innovative NSD tupH surface treatment offers extra protection for specific applications
  • Excellent stability from design based on proven UNICASE principle
  • Five frame sizes with torques ranging from 90 to 660 Nm
  • All models available in two versions including open frame style and closed type
  • Especially small and lightweight with power density improved by 60% over previous model
  • Reduced weight minimises energy consumption especially in applications where geared motors have to be moved
  • Larger, highly resilient output shaft bearings suited for high forces
  • Optional double seals ensure increased safety
  • Equipped with a short IEC adapter
  • Flexible drive solutions can be configured in combination with motors from NORD or of other makes
Key features of NSD tupH sealed surface conversion system:  
  • Versatile solution for excellent hygienic characteristics, which usually require stainless steel units
  • Special treatment on gear case surfaces using a catalytic process renders ultra-robust finish, making aluminium gear cases 6-7 times harder
  • Sealant applied to the treated material creates a smooth surface
  • Treated surfaces can withstand extended salt water rinsing, aggressive cleaning chemicals and high-pressure cleaners
  • Proven superior chip resistance of NSD tupH surfaces compared to standard systems
  • Treated surfaces are scratch-proof, highly resistant, and do not corrode
NORD Drivesystems will be showcasing their products and solutions at the Anuga FoodTec to be held from March 27 to March 30 in Cologne, Germany.

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