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Recloser tested to latest standards

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NOJA Power’s OSM 15 recloser has been tested at the KEMA laboratories in the Netherlands to the new ANSI C37.60 - 2003 standard for auto-reclosers.

This revision of the standard was published in August 2003 and Noja believes it is the first manufacturer in the world to conduct recloser testing to this new standard.

ANSI C37.60 - 2003 has some significant changes from the old standard. These include:

* Added new voltage ratings and dielectric withstand capabilities common outside of North America.

* Added several new interrupting ratings.

* Changed temperature rise and temperature limits to be consistent with circuit breaker standards.

* Prohibited the use of single phase tests to qualify three-phase reclosers for switching performance. Restricted the use of single-phase tests for three phase reclosers.

* Added Partial Discharge as a design and production test.

Testing to this latest standard demonstrates Tavrida Electric's commitment to producing safe, reliable switchgear.

In addition to type testing, all reclosers undergo factory testing during manufacture and pre-dispatch to ensure the reclosers will operate reliably throughout their lifetime.

Meanwhile, the OSM recloser is steadily gaining recognition as a solution for medium-voltage protection. OSM reclosers are now protecting feeders in many countries around the world both in zone sub-stations and out in the field mounted on poles.

Their light weight makes them easy to install in any location while advanced protection features make them suitable for nearly all outdoor applications.

The OSM comes standard with a wide range of features such as:

* Full directional earth fault/sensitive earth fault.

* Full directional phase overcurrent.

* Cold load pickup. Inrush Restraint.

* Downstream device co-ordination.

* Live line overcurrent/earth fault.

* Under voltage. Under frequency.

* Loss of Supply detection.

* Voltage reclosing control.

* Automatic backfeed protection.

* SCADA-ready with DNP3 and Modbus protocols.

* Digital I/O. RS232 and RS485 ports.

Although big on features, the OSM is a very compact device with no harmful insulants such as SF6 or oil. The advanced features are made possible through a combination of advanced electronics with voltage and current measurement on all six bushings.

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